Supporting & Supervising Neurodiverse Trainees

A series of workshops for supervisors and senior educators about ways to support neurodivergent trainees in practice

Neurodiversity is a concept where neurological differences are to be recognised and respected as any other human variation. Approximately 15% of people in the UK are neurodivergent, meaning that the brain functions and processes information differently from the majority. Common neurodiverse conditions include ADHD, Autism, Dyslexia, Dyscalculia and Dyspraxia.

This series of workshops from the Professional Development Team will provide an opportunity for supervisors and educators to develop their understanding of neurodiversity and consider ways to support trainees who may be neurodiverse.

All workshops will take place virtually.

Workshop 1: What is understood by neurodiversity and how it may manifest in training

Date: Thursday 10th March 2022; 09:00 -12:30

This workshop will focus on our understanding of neurodiversity and why it is important. Participants will have the opportunity to explore how neurodiversity may manifest in a training and workplace context, to share experiences, and to understand the implications for trainees.

Workshop 2: Supporting neurodiverse trainees through their training

Date: Thursday 7th April 2022; 09:00 -12:30

This workshop will provide supervisors with an opportunity to consider how to adapt their approach to meet the learning needs of a neurodivergent trainee. It will explore how to be inclusive and appreciative of strengths as well as how to approach some of the challenges at work, including managing the curriculum and assessments.

Workshop 3: Supporting neurodiverse trainees at risk of non-progression

Date: Thursday 5th May 2022; 09:00 -12:30

This workshop will focus on how to approach challenging situations in which a neurodivergent trainee may be at risk of not progressing. There will be an opportunity to explore the requirements as supervisors, employers and training environments and consider what addition support and input may be useful, including what wellbeing support is available for trainees.

How to book your place:

(This round of workshops is fully booked.  If you would like to be added to the waiting list for further workshops please email

To book your place please click here to access the online booking form. You will be requested to select the workshops you would like to attend. Although these are stand-alone workshops, we strongly encourage participants to attend all three workshops as some themes may emerge and be built on sequentially through the workshops.

Who can attend

  • Clinical + Educational supervisors of doctors and dentists in training across London & KSS
  • Heads of Specialty Schools, Associate Deans and Training Programme Directors

Enquiries: Should you have any questions, please contact us at: