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Virtual Peer Support Group run by the PSU for International Medical Graduates in a Training Post

Next available sessions:

New Dates TBC

Following recent expressions of interest, we are piloting a virtual peer support group for any International Medical Graduate Doctors currently in a training post in London and the South East.

Please read the following information before signing up. Spaces are allocated on a first come first served basis for these session.


Who can attend:

Any International Medical Graduate in a training post working in London and the South East.

Purpose/aims of the group:

The aim of the group is to provide a confidential, relaxed, safe and supportive space to connect with other International Medical Graduate colleagues, away from your usual work environment.

There will be a chance to:

·       share experiences, dilemmas or ideas

·       hear from others who may be experiencing similar situations

·       offer mutual support and advice to colleagues if requested

Support from peers in a non-judgmental and confidential space can be particularly helpful in making sense of difficult situations and finding useful ways of coping.

Please note, these are not counselling or therapy groups, however, we ask that you log in from a private space to maximise the feeling of security and confidentiality for all participants.



Each session will last 90 minutes via the ‘Zoom’ video-conferencing platform.

We will email you the secure joining instructions before the session.


The sessions will be facilitated by Dr Ali Hassas who is one of the Associate Deans at the PSU. Large groups may have additional facilitators from the PSU team.

Depending on numbers, the session may be divided into small & large group discussions in breakout rooms.

We recognise that some people prefer to participate by listening and supporting others and there will be no expectation to share anything in the large group if you don’t feel comfortable to do so.



Please only sign up for a session if you can arrive on time and stay for the full 90 minutes. You will need to have suitable/stable Wi-Fi connection for your camera/video to be on for the session.



•   We will talk through confidentiality principles at the start of each session.

•   No part of any session will be recorded.

•   It is important that the group feels safe enough for it to be useful for those who would like to talk freely.

•   If you would like to discuss a situation involving a colleague, patient, or work situation we ask that identifiable information is not shared.


Group Principles

•   We want this to remain a safe, inclusive, non-judgmental, relaxed and supportive space and ask that you act accordingly during the sessions.

•   We ask that you remain respectful of the needs of others and share the time and space as fairly as possible in the group.

•   We hope that everyone will feel included and will have the opportunity to participate; understanding that participation can include supportive listening.


We recognise that some of you will be new to groups but in our experience informal peer support groups can be particularly powerful during difficult periods and we would encourage you to ‘drop in’ at least once to see what it is like.


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