SCAN Careers Planning Model 

4-Stage Careers Planning Process 

Planning your career effectively

Planning your medical career can be a daunting experience. It is therefore important that trainee clinicians follow a structured four-stage approach to ensure their plans are robust and realistic and know how best to implement them. There are  numerous benefits to adopting a structured approach with the key one being approaching career planning in a systematic manner. The following animation outlines the model in more detail:

Below you will find links to pages providing you with a brief representation of each of the stages together with key exercises to inform your understanding.

Stage 1 - Self- Awareness

Stage 2 - Career Exploration

Stage 3Arriving at your Decision

Stage 4 - Next Steps


Career Planning for Health Professionals E-Modules (eLfH)

The London KSS Careers Unit have also developed in conjunction with E-Learning for Health (eLfH) a number of bite-size career planning E-modules based on the SCAN model above, containing case studies, exercises and downloadable workbooks to inform your career  decsion making and development. Regsitration for the modules is simple and can be accessed here:

Career Planning for Foundation Doctors E-Module

Career Planning for Core Doctors E-Module