The Reimbursement of Removal or Rotational Travel Expenses policy aims to provide assistance to junior doctors who are required to relocate or commute due to the rotational nature of their training programme. It is not intended to fully cover the costs incurred due to a relocation or commute to new place of work, but aims to offer financial assistance when eligible.


Under the terms of the new national Relocation guidance, trainees who began a new training programme in August 2020 can claim up to £10,000 for the duration of their training from start of training to CCT, irrespective of training region, when the eligibility criteria provided in the policy is met.​ Please click here for more information on the new policy.


All other trainees in existing programmes can currently claim up to £8000 under the terms of the existing Relocation guidance. Implementation of the new guidance document for all other (existing) trainees will be completed as soon as possible where the new framework is accepted for all other trainees. Confirmation of this implementation date will follow.


All applications will be assessed for eligibility by your employing Trust and any approved reimbursement will be paid via the employer’s monthly payroll. Please contact the Medical Staffing Team at your trust in order to submit an eligibility application form. If you are unsure of the Relocation contact at your trust then please contact the HEE team for advice by clicking here.


A list of FAQs related to the relocation process can be found here.

For useful information relating to relocation please access the links below:

Please click here under 'Relocation' to access eligibility and expense form. These forms need to be filled in and sent to your local trust for reimbursement. 

If you have any queries regarding applying for relocation expenses, you can contact the relocation team through the portal here by clicking here