Welcome to our Educators in Primary Care information page

In this section you will find details of resources available for those supervising learners in primary care.  Whether you are a clinical pharmacist supervising a pre-registration student, a practice nurse providing workplace supervision to a physician associate, or a GP wanting to supervise a specialty GP trainee, this site will provide you with information and resources available to you in your supervisory role.  Our resources are applicable to those who are providing uni-professional and inter-professional supervision.

For GPs wishing to supervise trainees in general practice, there are formal approval processes that need to be undertaken.  We have therefore produced the Pathway to becoming a GP educator in primary care guidance, to provide further information for GPs.  This can be found in the documents section at the bottom of this page, along with a FAQs as a quick guide.

Supervisor courses available are outlined in the tables below.  Click on the course link to access further information.

If you would like to undertake online learning, then you can access over 30 individual short modules on our Educator Hub.

Resources available for the approval of GP educator roles:

COVID-19: Please note that due to the ongoing pandemic our face to face courses are now being provided in virtual online formats. Please click on the course links below to access further information

Level of supervision provided and experience Resources available

To be approved for and/or applicable to the supervision of clinical placements of:

- foundation trainees

- trainees working in out of hours

- GP specialty trainees

- inter-professional supervision of the wider multi-professional team

Option 1: Introduction to Workplace Learning and Assessment Option 2: Workplace Supervision in Primary Care (Multi-professional) Option 3: An introductory short course provided by another organisation. Option 4: Masters level programme (PGCert, PGDip or Masters)

To be approved as a full GP Trainer (clinical supervisor and educational supervisor)

Mandatory: Complete training to become a clinical supervisor (see options above). In addition complete the GP Educational Supervisor Course.  

Established (supervising at least 2 years) GPs supervising any of the above trainees in general practice and the wider multi-professional team.

Option 1:

Established Educators Course: GP

Option 2: Established Educators Course: Group Skills (Multi-professional) Option 3: Established Educators Course: Inter-professional Education. (Multi-professional) Option 4: Educator Hub (Online learning)

Resources available for the following healthcare professionals in primary care:

  • Health Care Assistant
  • Nursing Associate
  • Paramedic
  • Pharmacist (Practice, Clinical, Senior Clinical)
  • Physician Associate
  • Physiotherapist
  • Practice Nurse
  • Advanced practitioners
Level of supervision provided and experience Resources available
Workplace and Clinical Supervision Workplace Supervision in Primary Care (Multi-professional) Educator Hub (Online learning) Multisource feedback Tool for Supervisors Masters level programme (PGCert, PGDip or Masters)
Established Educators Established Educators Course: Group Skills (Multi-professional) Established Educators Course: Inter-professional Education. (Multi-professional) Educator Hub(Online learning) Multisource feedback Tool for Supervisors Masters level programme(PGCert, PGDip or Masters)