CPD for DCPs

London and KSS Dental team provide a comprehensive range of continuing professional development (CPD) for DCPs (Dental Care Professionals) to help maintain registration with the General dental Council. CPD makes a contribution to supporting registrants to maintain Standards and to protect patients. London and KSS Dental team aim to provide a variety of courses for DCPs that they will require to keep skills and knowledge up to date.

CPD is a simple method to ensure that you achieve the right abilities to do you job and enhance your expertise.  You can also improve your career prospects by taking further qualifications in subjects such as oral health education and prevention in practice.

DCPs will need to have 150 hours of CPD in any 5 year period.  There are certain courses that are highly recommended to do as part of the minimum verifiable CPD requirement set by the General Dental Council; Medical Emergencies, Disinfection and Decontamination and Radiography.  50 of your CPD hours need to be ‘verified’. This means that when you have attended a course/study day, there are clear aims and learning outcomes for the purpose of the day. You will be able to leave feedback and you will leave with a Certificate of Attendance. The remaining 100 hours can be ‘general’ or ‘non- verifiable’. These are the hours you may spend reading journals, researching on-line, or doing in-house training. This must be recorded as well as the verifiable hours.

Our previous site for courses Ewisdom is no longer in operation. All of our London and KSS CPD courses are advertised via Accent at: https://accent.hicom.co.uk/CourseManager/Live/London/Web/