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Episode 7 - Assertiveness


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Released On: 31 July 2020      Planning & Production Credits: Lynne Rustescki, Trevor Bibic, Sarah Siddiqui, Vanessa Petroni & Jane Gardner-Florence



Trainees are often faced with situations where there is a need for them to demonstrate suitable assertive behaviour; whether it be in regards to patient care, team working or thier own training and wellbeing needs. However, during the COVID-19 pandemic this need for demonstrating professional assertive behaviour may be greater in situations where they may have concerns or be under duress, particularly when faced with stressful situations. In this podcast, we are in conversation with PSU's lead for specialist communications and linguistics Lynne Rustecki and Learning and Development Consultant Trevor Bibic, who reflect on the difference between assertive, aggressive and passive behaviour. In particular, we discuss how valuing yourself and understanding of others perspectives can lead to win-wins and how use of language and perceptions of assertiveness can vary across different cultures. 



Trevor Bibic has been working in personal and professional development training for over seven years, delivering a wide range of workshops, webinars and one to one coaching. With the BMA, BMJ and Health Education England Trevor has developed and delivered training on a variety of skills and careers areas including leadership, time management, assertiveness and interviews. He has held various management and leadership positions throughout his career and in recruitment for over 20 years. This gives him an excellent understanding of dynamic working environments and challenges. In addition, Trevor has worked with high-profile higher education institutions such as Cambridge University, Kings College and UCL.  

Lynne Rustecki is the Education Lead for Specialist Communication and Linguistic Support in the Professional Support Unit, Professional Development Team for Health Education England. She has a special interest in the communication challenges faced by doctors who are non-native speakers of English, and how cultural factors may impact on professional interaction. 

Sarah Siddiqui is a National SuppoRTT Fellow in the London & KSS Professional Support Unit. She is dual-qualified in Medicine and Dentistry and on sabbatical from Core Surgical Training. 

Ammar Hamid is a higher specialty dental trainee in orthodontics. He has an interest in mentoring and widening participation in dentistry.  


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