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Episode 3 - Supervision in Primary Care during the pandemic


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Released On: 20 May 2020     Planning & Production Credits: Helen Foster, Rupal Shah, Sarah Siddiqui, Jane Gardner-Florence



The pandemic has altered work patterns, so that in general practice most consultations are being done by telephone or video. Clinicians are sometimes working from home and trainees and supervisors may notalways be in the same physical environment. The combination of different ways of consulting and this geographical separation can lead to challenge in terms of supervision. In this episode, we are in conversation with a GP trainee, a GP trainer and a GP educator about their experiences; and consider ways of overcoming the challenges they have faced.



Dr Nirja Joshi is a GP trainee on the St George's GP training scheme.

Dr Rupal Shah is a GP trainer and Associate Dean in the Professional Development Department at HEE.

Dr John Spicer is a GP and ethicist. He was Head of Primary Care in South London until his retirement in August 2019.

Helen Foster is Education Lead in Faculty Development.

Dr Naureen Bhatti is the GP Head of School for North Central East London.

Dr Meera Kumar is a GP trainee and is a host on the AIT podcast 'Somewhere in between' from the RCGP.



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