Apply for SuppoRTT

How to apply for Supported Return to Training Funding


Before taking time out:  

  1. Fill out a pre-absence form with your supervisor (this can be TPD, ES, Clinical Tutor, college tutor, etc). 

This will guide your conversation around how to keep in contact while out of training and what resources you think you might need on your return. 

2 - Consider any courses you need to attend while you are out of training – see here. 

Before your return:  

Step 1 – Arrange a meeting with your ES or TPD and fill out the pre-return  form  or follow up form 

This will guide the conversation with your supervisor highlight any support you might need, and is the formal application for SuppoRTT funding.  


  • Supervised Clinical Sessions, supernumerary or shadowing arrangements 

  • Refresher courses and resources 

  • Coaching provided by the PSU 4 sessions are available to returning trainees 













These must be agreed with your Head of School, Dean, Deputy Dean or Training Programme Director prior to submitting the form. 


  • Supervised clinical sessions can be used to provide you with a short period on your return with adjusted duties to help you return to normal duties safely and confidently. This may be as an additional member of staff (supernumerary), with enhanced supervised practice, focused learning activities or direct observation of clinical activities. 


Courses and resources: 

Courses available from the study budget should be applied for in the usual way. A full list of courses covered by the study budget can be found here

SuppoRTT may be able to fund courses that are not accessible through your study budget, if they support your return. Similarly, if the course is covered by the study budget but you cannot access it (e.g. if you are on an OOPC, OOPE or OOPR), SuppoRTT may be able to provide funding. 

The Professional Support Unit offers support, guidance and information to healthcare professionals, including one-to-one educational support and remote coaching.  

Step 3 - Share your plans as early as possible with HR/medical staffing and rota co-ordinators. 

Medical staffing/HR processes must have been completed before trainees can undertake any return-to-work activities involving clinical contact.  

Step 4 - Claim reimbursement for approved courses:  

Once your pre-return form is approved you will receive an approval email; you must then complete a study leave form which is available from your trust – use the code SRTT0001 to list the approved SuppoRTT course title and fee. 

  1. Your course fee reimbursement claim will be processed. 

  1. Your trust will reimburse you for the courses that have been correctly approved by SuppoRTT. 

If you need further advice or have any concerns about your return, Trust or School SuppoRTT champions, HR or others who are co-ordinating trainee placements in your trust or training programme can signpost you. 

When you and your supervisor are happy that your return period is complete, you can sign off the final return to training form. 

  If you have any further queries with regards to the SuppoRTT packages available, please contact the SuppoRTT Team at or your local SuppoRTT Champion here