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BMA Clinical Academic Trainees Conference 13 October 2021

BMA Clinical Academic Trainees Conference 2021

Wednesday 13 October 2021, 6.30 – 8.30 pm

Join us for this exciting evening event which aims to help you make the most of your academic training and develop your career.

You’ll hear from Dr Sarah Alderson, Clinical Associate Professor in primary care at the University of Leeds, who’ll be sharing tips for building an academic career 
and talking through her own career journey.

New PSU E-Learning, Support and Self-Review Modules

New PSU E-Learning, Support and Self-Review Modules

The Professional Support Unit (PSU) are pleased to launch a range of E-Learning, Support and Self-Review Modules. The modules seek to address some of the challenges associated with everyday clinical and professional practice, such as relationships with colleagues, stressors, and conflict in the workplace.

February Trainee Bulletin

February Trainee Bulletin

Important Update - Trainee Webinar February Rotation Pause

Trainee Webinar February Rotation Pause


Please find the HET Trainee Webinar below regarding the February Rotation Pause.

In addition to the Trainee Webinar please click here for FAQs covered in the session.

February Pause and Exceptions Process due to Covid-19

Managing February 2021 Rotations for London organisations
As a result of the current COVID surge and the unique challenges this has resulted in across London, Health
Education England (HEE) London has taken the decision to “pause” the rotation of all HEE trainees due to rotate
in February 2021 for a period of 4 weeks to support both the delivery of patient care and to protect maintain
pastoral and wellbeing support of trainees.

December Trainee Bulletin

December Trainee Bulletin

**NEW Career Planning resources and Support for Core trainees**

**Career Planning resources for Core Trainees** 

 Due to the Covid Pandemic, Round 2 Speciality recruitment has been brought forward and opens on Thurs 26th Nov. Are you currently an Core IMT, Psychiatry or Surgical trainee who may require support and guidance on: 

COVID-19 Wellbeing Hub

COVID-19 Wellbeing Hub

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