V-SPACE for SuppoRTT Trainees


“It was a great opportunity to express my current stresses within a group and find doctor-focused responses from the course leaders and members alike.”


”It was incredibly useful to be able to discuss matters in a safe environment and feel like there are other doctors who share similar feelings and difficulties regarding transitions and change as I do. ”


“I particularly enjoyed the week focusing on leadership styles. I used this to my advantage during an interview and got the job.”


-Feedback from previous V-Space participants


The V-Space Coaching and Support Programme is a series of four group coaching and peer support sessions. The small groups meet online for 2.5 hours every fortnight and are led by a senior group coach from the Professional Support Unit’s Coaching Service. V-Space offers a supportive, confidential and structured learning environment for peer discussion. Each session draws on a range of practical coaching tools for self-reflection, goal-setting, enhanced confidence, stress management and leadership communication. 


V-Space features:

  • Semi-structured facilitated group coaching sessions
  • Guest speaker slots ‘in conversation with’ trainees who share their experience of returning to training
  • Peer support in small breakout room discussions plus WhatsApp group for connecting with peers in between sessions
  • Coaching tools & resources to support you as you move back into training.

Spaces are limited to 14 participants per group so please book early to avoid disappointment.


You can book by using the links below:

Group 6 - Starts 26th October 2022 -https://london.hee.nhs.uk/v-space-supportt-trainees-group-6-starts-26th-...

Group 7 - Starts 4th January 2023 -https://london.hee.nhs.uk/v-space-supportt-trainees-group-7-starts-4th-j...

Group 8 - Starts 18th January 2023 -https://london.hee.nhs.uk/v-space-supportt-trainees-group-8-starts-18th-...

Group 9 - Starts 23rd January 2023 -https://london.hee.nhs.uk/v-space-supportt-trainees-group-9-starts-23rd-...

Group 10 - Starts 9th February 2023 -https://london.hee.nhs.uk/v-space-supportt-trainees-group-10-starts-9th-...

Group 11 - Starts 10th February 2023 -https://london.hee.nhs.uk/v-space-supportt-trainees-group-11-starts-10th...



If you have any questions about V-Space please email: Careerscoachingevents@hee.nhs.uk