Return to Work After Career Break

A programme to support NHS dentists, dental therapists, dental hygienists and dental nurses returning to work after a prolonged career break based in London, Kent, Surrey & Sussex

NHSE/HEE LKSS has set up a programme to support dentists and DCPs working in the NHS who are taking a career break in excess of six months or returning to work after a prolonged career break. Suitable applicants may be eligible to enrol on our Return to Work Scheme (RWS) programme.

Enrolment on the Scheme provides access to the following benefits:

  • Support to produce an annual Personal Development Plan at a meeting with a member of HEE LKSS Clinical Education Team.
  • Access to a HEE hands on Return to NHS Work Course within the 6 months before returning to NHS practice, if necessary.
  • Access to up to 25 hours of HEE commissioned CPD courses including hands on courses each calendar year during the RWS period. These courses will be identified with reference to the Personal Development Plan

Conditions of Membership of the Scheme:

  • Dentists must be on the NHS Performer List throughout their membership of the Scheme with intention of returning to work in a dental practice providing NHS dental services in the London & KSS area.·
  • DCP applicants must be signed up to be working in a dental practice providing NHS dental services in the London & KSS area or demonstrate their intention to do so in near future.
  • Membership of the RWS Scheme is for a maximum of 2 years in any one period, although further periods of membership are possible following a return to work.
  • All dental clinical applicants (dentists, hygienists and therapists) must be on the GDC register at the time of applying and throughout the membership of the Scheme; applicants must not be under GDC investigation by the GDC or NHSE Local Team, or have conditions placed upon their registration
  • The applying dentist or DCP must meet with an allocated member of the HEE LKSS's Clinical Education team, prior to being accepted into the Scheme. A Personal Development Planning meeting must be held with the allocated member of the HEE LKSS’s Clinical Education team within one month of joining the Scheme.#

For any queries relating to the scheme, please contact

Paediatric Return to Work for Dental Therapists

We are excited to introduce a practice placement for Dental Therapists wanting to return to work with placements commencing in January 2024.

The placement is for one day per week per therapist per placement for a total of 105 clinical hours in practice (7 hours per week), and attendance to 8 study days over a maximum period of 6 months. Therapist will provide full scope of practice for Paediatric patients in Primary Care.

The placement in practice will be facilitated via WT&E NHSE funding to accommodate a dental therapist over a 6-month period.  This funding will be:

  • Therapist Remuneration £4,200.00
  • Practice Costs £1,000.00
  • Trainer Grant £300.00
  • Completion of Evaluation and Data Collection – payable to therapist on completion £100.00

If you are interested in this opportunity, please register your interest via this form:  Closing Date for applications is 5pm on Friday, 22/12/2023.

Full details can be found in the Sway presentation here: