Specialist Clinical Communication & Linguistic Services

Specialist Clinical Communication & Linguistic Services offers courses and individual sessions for all healthcare professionals working in multi-cultural London and KSS.

Communicating effectively and confidently with patients and colleagues is key to providing an excellent health service and leads to increased professional fulfillment. Patients respond to and are satisfied by healthcare professionals and teams who communicate well.

Our courses offer you the opportunity to:

  • Review communication challenges you face at work

  • Address your individual learning needs

  • Enhance your relationships with patients, families, carers and colleagues

  • Boost your confidence and career satisfaction


Our programmes offer an intensive learning experience in peer groups or individual settings and include:

  • Review of your personal learning needs

  • Practical exercises with reflection and individual feedback

  • An emphasis on skills you can use in your work

  • Opportunities to enhance cultural and self-awareness

  • Support in developing your English language for clinical practice

  • Exam preparation and revision workshops for AKT, CSA and CASC 

We offer a choice of educational programmes which focus on the daily challenges you face in communicating with patients, carers and colleagues. These courses are free to attend. Please see our eligibility and funding criteria.

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