KSS Foundation trainees all KSS Foundation trainees should access support services via the KSS’s own Professional Support & Wellbeing Service . Please head to https://kss.hee.nhs.uk/kss-foundation/current-doctors-in-training/careers-and-wellbeing-support/ for more information. 


Single Point of Contact (SPOC) / Advisor Appointments

What are SPOC appointments?

  • A confidential appointment with a senior adviser from within the PSU to discuss any difficulty or dilemma you currently face
  • Details of what you discuss in the appointment won't be shared with others involved in your work or training automatically or without your consent
  • Appointments usually last up to 45 minutes and can be by telephone or via virtual platforms (eg Zoom/MS Teams)
  • A SPOC appointment may be suitable if you:
    • want an impartial & confidential space to talk freely about a difficult or confusing experience 
    • are feeling worried, overwhelmed or finding it hard to cope at work but don't know how to access support
    • want guidance about what options you have or may be most helpful in your situation
    • want signposting to other resources (within the PSU or externally)
    • want help with finding a useful way forward in your current situation


Please note the PSU operates weekdays 9-5pm. We cannot offer an emergency or out of hours service. We will try to offer some flexibility with appointment times where possible but cannot guarantee a call outside of usual working hours.


How can I arrange a SPOC appointment?

  • Complete the confidential SPOC application form below (the information is not shared with anyone involved in your work or training)
  • Your form will then be forwarded to one of the SPOC team advisors who will email you and arrange an appointment 
  • These confidential SPOC appointments are often one-off conversations but if necessary a follow-up can be arranged
  • You should expect to have contact from one of our advisors within 7-10 days. Please email us separately if you have not been contacted or your query is unusually urgent.

Request your SPOC appointment by clicking here:  Single Point of Contact 

Clink this link to see biographies of some of our SPOC Team