Developing your English for Clinical Practice

Tuesday 17th November 2020 - Day 1  (09:30 – 16:30)

Tuesday 24th November 2020 - Day 2  (09:30 – 16:30)

Thursday 10th December 2020 - Day 3 (09:30 – 16:30)

This is a three-day course delivered via a virtual platform – attendance is required on all three days.

This course will enable individuals to learn about ways to use the workplace resources to develop their English 'on the job' and have opportunity to practise situations they find challenging.  The sessions are facilitated by specialist linguists who can give feedback on language, cultural factors, pronunciation, as well as professional communication skills.

Communicating professionally relies not just on what we say, but how we say it. International clinicians working in the UK will already have a good knowledge of English. But having been trained in a different style of healthcare, and often working under pressure, it is not always easy to get the more subtle aspects of practising in English right. 

As well as the way we phrase our messages, factors such as tone of voice, speed and directness - even facial expression - can all affect the way our messages are interpreted, and even very fluent speakers may be unaware that they may be transferring patterns of interaction from their first language that could cause their intent to be misread. Misunderstandings may also arise from cultural assumptions about communication that, in the new context, may no longer be appropriate. 

This is not a traditional language course. Working with specialist linguists, course participants will be encouraged to reflect on the way they use English in practice and discover how minor changes can enable them to communicate more efficiently and effectively.


Activities will include:

  • Re-evaluating existing English skills and reviewing current learning strategies 
  • Exploring the link between language and rapport, and identifying patterns from the native language that may be unhelpful if transferred to English 
  • Discovering time-saving approaches and short cuts to progress, using resources in the workplace to develop English 'on the job'
  • Practising techniques for giving and receiving information clearly and professionally
  • Using individual feedback to develop a plan for ongoing language development


Participant feedback from recent courses:

“This was one of the most amazing courses I have attended so far online”

“The role plays and discussing collocation and phrases and how to use them were extremely helpful.  Well organised”

“The breakout rooms made the course more fun and fluid”

“I feel confident about using more than one style to communicate with my patients”

“More confident, be able to contribute more at team meetings and discuss issues and problems with patients and colleagues”

“I learnt new language strategies and phrasing to use with patients and my day-to-day life”



  • Healthcare professionals within London and KSS specifically
  • Healthcare professionals between Bands 5 to 8 in a recognised training scheme such as nurse preceptorship or development for more specialised clinical roles
  • Pre-registration pharmacists (1 year post degree programme based in trusts); pre-registration pharmacy technicians (2 year programme employed by trust); Foundation Pharmacists (2 years post registration); Clinical Pharmacists undertaking the 18 month General practice pharmacist training pathway as part of the NHS England pilot
  • Postgraduate Doctors and Dentists who hold a London / KSS training number (Foundation years until CCT)
  • London doctors who have completed and passed the entry requirements and have been offered a placement on the London Inducting, Returning and Retaining the Workforce schemes
  • please see PSU’s eligibility criteria for further information

Fee: £0

  • This is a free, fully funded, course which requires commitment to attend all three days of the programme 
  • If when your place on the course is confirmed and in the event of no show/non-attendance you may be subject to charge ie the full cost of the session £225
  • If when your place on the course is confirmed and if your circumstances change and you can no longer attend please let us know as soon as possible so that your place can be offered to those on the waiting list.

There are 15 places available which are allocated on a first-come-first-served basis.

To apply for a place, please complete the form below: