Clinical Apprenticeship Placement Scheme (CAPS)

Clinical Apprenticeship Placement Scheme (CAPS) for Refugee Doctors

The aim of CAPS is to prepare you for specialty and improve your chances of getting a job. This scheme is endorsed by the UK Foundation Programme Office and delivered by Health Education England. 

We offer 6 month placements in secondary care at F2 level to refugee doctors who are working in the NHS for the first time. These placements include intensive education and generic skills training. You will gain a good understanding of Foundation competencies and assessment procedures as a result.

As a scheme endorsed by the UK Foundation Programme Office it will ensure that those who successfully complete the scheme are recognised as suitable for competing for Training Posts. It is important that you read the Foundation Programme Guidance carefully for details of how the CAPS scheme will potentially benefit you in progressing to a Foundation post.

For further information about the Scheme see the following: 

CAPS Handbook 


CAPS Person Specification

CAPS Application form

Reference Form (for Referees only) 

Applications to The Clinical Apprenticeship Placement Scheme are now open, please ensure to read the instructions provided before submitting your application        

Please submit your application to  

Deadline: Tuesday, 11 October 2022 at 17:00                                                                 

For enquiries, please contact:  


Who we are: 

Dr Rupal Shah: Associate Dean/ Education Lead Professional Development Team

Sharon Gomba, Project Manager, Professional Development Team

Cassidy Gourlay: Senior Business Manager, Professional Development Team

Ms Lynne Rustecki: Education Lead - Specialist Clinical Communication and Linguistic Services, Professional Development Team