What is enhance? 

The Future Doctor Report highlighted the need for a greater proportion of doctors and all other healthcare professionals to have generalist skills.  

The Enhancing Generalist Skills programme aims to support doctors to work effectively, flexibly and confidently within our dynamic healthcare landscape.  

This includes using a whole-person approach to healthcare, advocating for social justice and seeking new ways to reduce health inequalities. 

The London region trailblazer incorporates: 

  • Thinking Together 
  • Exploring the Human Dimension of the Consultation 
  • enhance London showcase event 

  Thinking Together 

The Thinking Together programme is a two-day, free, in-person course, open to all doctors in training in London. During the course you will work with colleagues from different disciplines, with input from patient with lived experience. 

During the programme we aim to: 

  • improve cross-professional understanding of decision making and approaches   
  • consider social determinants of health and their impact  
  • enhance the patient journey  
  • improve person-centred care. 

Attendees will have the opportunity to undertake a multi-disciplinary Quality Improvement Project (QIP) with other attendees – ongoing support for these projects will be available through the programme. 

Upcoming course dates 


Open to: 


4 October and 1 November 2022 

All doctors in training 

Fully booked – waiting list 

11 October and 15 November 2022 

FY2 doctors 

Fully booked – waiting list 

8 November and 6 December 2022 

Psychiatry, paediatric, GP, CAMHs trainees 

Fully booked – waiting list 

10 January and 7 February 2023 

All doctors in training 

 Fully booked – waiting list 

  Venue: Stewart House, London, WC1B 5DN 

To register, or if you have any questions, please email: enhance.london@hee.nhs.uk 

Exploring the Human Dimension of the Consultation 

During this one-day, free, in-person workshop, we will: 

  • think about what brings meaning to our work as clinicians and what makes us flourish 
  • consider barriers which discourage connection, humanity and emotion 
  • learn about creative enquiry approaches as a way of understanding our emotions and creating meaning. 

Upcoming course dates:

  • 17 January 2023 
  • 28 February 2023

Venue: Stewart House, London, WC1B 5DN 

To register, or if you have any questions, please email: enhance.london@hee.nhs.uk 

  London enhance showcase event – 14 March 2023 

This event will bring together participants and speakers from the Thinking Together programme and the Exploring the Human Dimension of the Consultation workshops. 

This event will: 

  • feature keynote speakers 
  • showcase of Quality Improvement Projects  
  • offer reflections of the enhance programme, including creative enquiry.  

Registration for this event will open soon.   

Contact us 

If you have any questions about the London enhance trailblazer pilot or would like more information, please email: enhance.london@hee.nhs.uk 


Thinking Together podcast series  

You can listen to our three-part podcast series which feature patients who have been through GP and mental health services. They are designed to help trainees reflect on their role within the system and to consider why some patients are poorly served by healthcare.   

  1. Thinking Together episode one: The Experience of Mental Illness: in this episode, we meet Izzy and Valentina, who describe their experience of mental ill health and healing.  
  2. Thinking Together episode two: The Pros and Cons of Psychiatric Diagnosis and Medication: Dr Rupal Shah continues the conversation with Izzy and Valentina who debate the gains and losses of being given a mental health diagnosis and medication.  
  3. Thinking Together episode three: Epistemic Injustice: in the final episode of this series, Izzy and Valentina discuss the importance of being heard by medical professionals and of having their stories listened to.