London School of Paediatrics

London is the biggest School of Paediatrics in the UK and we have more than a thousand trainees, training in 32 trusts across the city. As with every School in the UK, we deliver the training that the RCPCH ( mandates, bringing trainees to consultant level.

More information on the curriculum can be found here. (

Our ST1-4 (Core Paediatrics) trainees are divided into 3 sector-based programmes – South London (SL), North West London (NWL) and North Central and East London (NCEL).

Our ST 5-7 (Higher Specialist Paediatrics) trainees are within a single PAN-London programme.

Trainees spend the first 4 years (whole time equivalent) of training based in a particular sector.  All London trainees have access to the wide range of educational opportunities offered to all trainees. More can be found about these on the trainee’s website. (

The School is run by a partnership between NHS-E WTE directorate, a number of Training Programme Directors (TPDs) ( – Paediatricians with a particular expertise and interest in training - and the trainees themselves. The Trainees Committee (TC) of the London School of Paediatrics hosts various sub-groups ( that focus on training issues and contribute to simulation, regional training, academic training and the development of the programme.

Please use these pages to find out more about the school, to learn about the programme or to find out and apply for OOPs, LTFT, IDTs, ARCPs and Accelerated training.


Other Useful Websites

The trainees’ website (

The FOAM site (

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