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Wellbeing Videos & Webinars


Practitioner Health 'Caring During Covid' Webinar series

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Beating Burnout (19/10/20)

Taking a Break from Covid (20/10/20)


Understanding Moral Injury - Dr. Esther Murray (23/01/21)


Feeling Lost - You are not alone (London School of Paediatrics: May 2021)

Caring for the Carers - Dr. Helen Connelly:

The Empathy Switch - Dr. Sammy Batt-Rawden:

NHS Every Mind Matters

Mindful Breathing Exercise:

London/KSS Professional Support Unit

Stress in the workplace- the trainee's experience

Stress in the Workplace - Symptoms & Triggers:

Stress in the Worplace - Seeking Help:

Professional Health

Managing Anxiety - Dr. Caroline Walker:

Dealing with Guilt - Dr. Caroline Walker:

Doctors Returning to Work - Dr. Caroline Walker:

Sleep Disturbance - Dr. Caroline Walker:

Impact of COVID on mental wellbeing of healthcare professionals - Dr. Caroline Walker:

COVID Clinican Care Meeting: