Additional Resources

Helpful reading

Reading About The Consultation

  • The Doctor's Communication Handbook; Peter Tate
  • The New Consultation - An approach to learning and teaching
    Pendleton, Schofield, Tate and Havelock
  • The trainee's companion to general practice; Rosenthal, Naish and Lloyd
    Chapter by Dick Savage "Communication in practice" 
  • The Inner Consultation; Roger Neighbour
  • Doctors Talking to Patients; Patrick Byrne and Barrie Long
  • Family Medicine; FJA Huygen and To Heal or to Harm; Richard Grol
  • Culture, Health and Illness; Cecil Helman
  • Problems with patients: managing complicated transactions. Norton, K. and Smith, S. Cambridge University Press, 1994.pp. 1-174 

Reading on Culture and Language

  • Skills for Communicating with Patients, Silverman, Kurtz, Draper. Radcliffe
  • Practical English Usage, (3rd Edition), Michael Swan. Oxford University Press
  • Intercultural Communication: A Discourse Approach, Scollon and Scollon. Blackwell
  • New Headway Pronunciation course (Upper-intermediate/Advanced) with CD, Bowler and Cunningham. Oxford
  • Consulting: Communication skills for GPs in Training (DVD set) West Midlands Deanery
  • Effective consulting DVD Peter Tate

Assertiveness in Clinical Practice

  • Access to an online workbook to help you to be assertive without damaging your working relationships: Workbook
  • Access to online e-modules: e-modules
  • Access to our PSU course: