Foundation Doctors

Welcome to the Foundation Doctors webpage. Here you will find links and downloads to a variety of careers information and resources including E-Modules, webinar and weblinks  to assist you in effective career planning and decision making.

London and South East (LaSE) Careers Unit has developed a career planning module for foundation doctors in partnership with e-learning for Healthcare.

The course is designed around the four stage SCAN career planning model  (Self Awareness/ Career Exploration/ Arriving at a Decision/Next Steps) to support you in making  career decisions about specialty choice during FY1 and throughout your foundation training.

You can enrol for the course on the e-lfh learning Hub here:

# select My Account

# select enrolment

# scroll down to Regional e-learning

# select LaSE Career Planning for Healthcare Professionals and Save changes

# select Career Planning for Foundation Doctors

# select Play to view the Introduction before moving to the individual stages

The course is accompanied by a downloadable workbook to support each of the four stages which will help you record your learning and reflections throughout.


The LaSE Careers Unit