Dyslexia Support


What is dyslexia?

Dyslexia is a specific learning difficulty that affects memory and processing speed which can have an impact on

  • literacy development
  • mathematics
  • memory
  • organisation
  • sequencing skills to varying degrees.

It may be associated with other learning or information processing difficulties.

The prevalence of dyslexia is unknown and estimates vary between 1 - 33% of the general population.

However, it is known that dyslexia and dyscalculia affects doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals before, during & after their professional training. A diagnosis of dyslexia is not an indication of clinical incompetence or lack of knowledge. very bright and highly competent healthcare professionals can struggle with passing postgraduate exams due to previously undiagnosed dyslexia.

How can I find out more about dyslexia?

For more information go to:


How might a dyslexia assessment help me?

The purpose of an assessment is to help you discover whether you have dyslexia or other learning difficulty which might have an impact on your work or studies.

If you are found to have dyslexia, it will then be possible to explore reasonable adjustments which may help improve your performance. These might include adjustments

  • in your workplace
  • to you day to day working arrangements
  • during professional exams or assessments

You can also then access specialised dyslexia coaching to help you with revision, studies and managing certain aspects of day to day work which may be affected by your dyslexia.

It is helpful therefore, that you discuss any problems that you have been having during your training with your educational or clinical supervisor. The responsibility for implementing any suggested adjustments lies with your employer and you will need to engage with your local Occupational Health service if you are diagnosed with dyslexia. On moving placement it will your responsibility to communicate the report findings to your new employer.


Can I be assessed for dyslexia via the Professional Support Unit (PSU)?

If you are in postgraduate medical education in London & the South East and have not had a full assessment previously for dyslexia you may be eligible for an assessment.

This is a multi-stage process. If your application is approved you are eligible for a free dyslexia assessment via the PSU.

Stage 1

Complete the British Dyslexia Association adult screening checklist

Stage 2

Complete our on-line Dyslexia application form (Form A)

Stage 3
Ask your educational or clinical supervisor to complete the online Supervisor Form (Form B)

Stage 4
Once both forms have been completed & submitted, our Individual Support Team (IST) will process them and let you know if your application can be supported. If approved, the IST will pass your contact details, and your completed forms A&B, to the Dyslexia Consultancy Service who will arrange a formal dyslexia assessment appointment with you.

Stage 5
Attend an appointment with an educational psychologist in the Dyslexia Consultancy Service for your formal assessment. You will then receive a detailed written report plus recommendations following this assessment.

Stage 6
After your assessment, we would strongly encourage you to make an appointment with an Individual Support Team (IST) advisor to discuss how you can best address the recommendations made in the report.  To book an appointment with the a member of the IST click here.

If your assessment confirms that you have dyslexia, we would also advise that you share a copy of the educational psychologist's report with your Trust’s Occupational Health department and meet with your supervisor to share the report and discuss the implications of any recommendations for your work and training.


Next steps

If you wish to proceed with a dyslexia assessment please action Stages 1,2 & 3 above.

If you have any questions about this process or are still unsure of what to do please contact the Individual Support Team (IST) by emailing ist.lase@hee.nhs.uk