Dental Therapy Foundation Training

Dental Therapy Foundation Training is a bespoke programme for newly qualified Dental Therapists to enhance their skill set within their scope of practice in an approved NHS dental training practice.  

The programme features multiple hands on study days, which include a comprehensive multi day mandatory induction programme, with a full range of study days within the first 2 months of starting. These study days provide a collaborative approach to skill mixing with the foundation dentists who will also be attending on joint study days

How to apply? 

The Dental Therapist person specification document can be found HERE. Please read carefully before applying.



The application deadline is 9.00am on Friday, 8 March 2024. Please note that there is a strict application policy that applications cannot be accepted after the deadline has passed.

If you have any questions in relation to the programme or application process, please contact 


The Foundation Therapist Role

The Foundation Therapists will be employed in a salaried position at their training practice placements for 3 days a week. An Educational Supervisor (ES) will provide support and mentor with a focus around developing clinical experience alongside the completion of an ePortfolio. Treating patients at the practice will enable the Foundation Therapist to gain a range of experience within their scope of practice under excellent support. 

The role of an Educational Supervisor (ES)

The role of an ES is to provide support within the practice environment to the FT. This may take the form of chairside help and supervision, bespoke tutorials, or case-based discussions. The ES is in the best position to assess the FT’s learning needs, which are identified through. This is an active process which requires the Educational Supervisor to be responsive to the needs of the trainee and to possess certain qualifications.

Benefits of Foundation Training: 

  • 12 month employed placement in a primary care NHS Practice, 3 days per week. One of which is a study day. Study days will vary across the regions. 
  • Joint organised study days with the foundation dentists to help integrate skill mixing within the workforce. 
  • Verifiable CPD hours on study days 
  • A designated Educational Supervisor in practice to support the foundation therapist. 
  • Peer support and networking from your peers 
  • Access to the National e-portfolio for Foundation Training

Duration of the Programme 

The DTFT start date is Monday 2nd September 2024. The scheme will run until 31st August 2025. All applicants must be UK graduated, GDC registered and indemnified before the start date.  

The Foundation Therapist will be expected to be in practice for 3 days working clinically with one of those days being a study day. It is expected that when the Therapist does not have a study day, their study day is spent attending their training practice, either treating patients clinically or doing non-clinical work (by agreement with their ES).  The foundation therapist is free to work the remainder of the week in any other setting, but this will not influence or contribute to their foundation year.

Training Practice Locations

Training practices for 2024/25 Foundation Year are currently being recruited for the London and KSS regions, however we aim to have practices geographically spread across these areas.   

Postgraduate Study Day centres 

Our study days will be at one of our Post Graduate Centres across London and KSS. These will be face to face with hands on sessions when applicable. Applicants should be made aware that travelling to and around London will be required and mandatory as part of DTFT

Dental Foundation Therapist Salary and Practice Support payments

The current payments for involvement in the scheme are:   

  • Therapist Remuneration (self-employed) £ 27,800.00 pa 
  • Travel costs can be claimed back as expenses as you will be on a Self-Employed basis. 
  • Trainer Grant for training supervision: £4000.00 pa  
  • Practice Support (service costs) £16,000.00 pa

You may not take holidays that coincide with the study days, as attendance is mandatory.    

Completion of programme

Successful completion of Dental Therapy Foundation Training will be based on various aspects that are delivered throughout the year.  

  • Professionalism throughout the year.   
  • Attendance of ALL the Study Days  
  • Completion of the ePortfolio  
  • Completion of minimum clinical requirements 
  • APLAN Case 
  • SCRIPT Modules 
  • Mini Case Presentation and Final Case Presentation 
  • Trainee, Educational Supervisor and Programme Director reports.  

A certificate will be issued by the Dean on successful completion of Foundation Training.