Form A - Trainee Dyslexia Application Form

Might dyslexia be an issue for you?

In certain circumstances the PSU's Individual Support Team (IST) is able to fund a diagnostic assessment with an educational psychologist in order to assess whether dyslexia (or other specific learning difficulty) is contributing to any difficulties you may be experiencing.

However as a formal diagnostic assessment with an educational psychologist is costly, there is a preliminary screening process to review whether there are adequate grounds for suspecting that any difficulties you may be experiencing are due to dyslexia, or other specific learning difficulty.

We have tried to keep the preliminary screening process as straightforward as possible and would ask you to do the following:

  1. Check your score from the British Dyslexia Association adult checklist
  2. Complete the questions in Form A.
  3. Ask your educational or clinical supervisor to complete Form B

What happens next?

A member of the Professional Support Unit will review Form A and Form B and decide whether to fund a full and formal assessment with an educational psychologist.

If they are able to fund the assessment, a referral to an educational psychologist will be made by the Professional Support Unit. You will be notified of this and the cost of the assessment will be met by the PSU.

If they are not able to fund the assessment you are still able to access the PSU services in order to discuss any educational or career difficulties that you may be experiencing.

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