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Rotations and Matching

With around 1200 active trainees, across 32 trusts, over 7 training years, all of whom have individual training needs and clinical interests, organising suitable placements is not simple. Add to that the complexities of lives outside of medicine, with many choosing to work less than full time, take time out, experience other posts and many other variations, it’s a good job that we have 8 experienced TPDs (https://londonpaediatrics.co.uk/trainees-home/) placing trainees. These are the principles we use in placement:

  1. A variety of posts to allow trainees to gain experience across the spectrum of paediatrics. This will include neonates, general, community and specialities, and will mix DGH and tertiary institutions.
  2. Keep in one geographical area as much as possible.
  3. Let trainees know in advance as much as possible where they are working.
  4. Allow as much flexibility and trainee choice as possible.

(3 & 4 conflict with each other to some extent.)

Typical Rotations:

ST 1-2a           DGH neonates, general, community

ST 2b-3a         Tertiary general and speciality

ST 3b-4           DGH general and neonates +/- community

ST5-7              Higher speciality training is designed around personal preferences and sub-speciality curricula needs.

Key to getting placements that suits your interests yet work towards curriculum goals is your placement TPD. An online matching form allows the TPD to see your requests and the link to complete these is circulated during matching windows. If there are further changes, then the TPD can be contacted by email. (https://londonpaediatrics.co.uk/trainees-home/)


The link to the online matching form will be available here once it is active.


Key Dates

The relevant dates for the next rotation are below:

Application Window                -                      29th January - 10th March 2024 (TBC)

Matching Panel                       -                     14th & 15th March 2024 (TBC)

Provisional rotations               -                      5th April 2024 (TBC)

Finalisation date                     -                      7th June 2024 (This is when the rotations are sent to trusts. No changes can be made)



Accelerated training (fast tracking)

What is it?

The RCPCH has laid down an expected length of training (https://www.rcpch.ac.uk/resources/progress-to-progress-plus-presentation...) – 4 years for Core and 3 years for Higher Speciality training. That said, training in the curriculum is competency based – essentially if you can evidence that you are able to do something at a required level, this is more important than the expected time. However, there are minimum amounts of time at each level, so that all trainees can be assessed properly and have accumulated enough accredited experience to function at the next level, all whole time equivalent.

This is 36 months in core (with 12 months on middle grade) and 24 months in higher training.

If you wish to take advantage of this shorter duration of training you need to apply for accelerated (fast track) training. Please see this guidance (https://londonpaediatrics.co.uk/trainees-home/fast-track-accelerating-tr...) and apply via the portal at least 6 months before you wish to fast track so that the school can arrange assessment and ARCP.



About the School

Who's Who

Processes - ARCP, LTFT, OOP etc

Recruitment, SPIN, GRID and Curriculum