Welcome to the Pharmacists webpage. Here you will find links and downloads to a variety of careers information and resources including  E-Modules, webinar and weblinks  to assist you in effective career planning and decision making.

It is becoming increasingly common for pharmacists to ask for some careers support. There are many reasons why individuals contact us. Typical questions they have include:

  • how can I gain greater balance between my workplace and home life?
  • what can I do to boost my self-confidence in the workplace?
  • how can I get clarity about making my career decisions?
  • what are my career options given the recent changes in personal circumstances?
  • what is the best way to advance my career?
  • how can I make my application stand out?


To assist Pharmacists with their career planning, London and South East (LaSE) Careers Unit has developed a career planning module specifically for Pre-Registration/ Foundation Pharmacists in partnership with e-learning for Healthcare.

The course is designed around the four stage SCAN career planning model (Self Awareness/ Career Exploration/ Arriving at a Decision/Next Steps) to support you in making  career decisions about Pharmacy options  throughout your career.

You can enrol for the course on the e-lfh learning Hub here:

select My Account

select enrolment

scroll down to Regional e-learning

select LaSE Career Planning for Healthcare Professionals and Save changes

select Career Planning - Pre-Registration/ Foundation Pharamcists

select Play to view the Introduction before moving to the individual stages

The course is accompanied by a downloadable workbook to support each of the four stages which will help you record your learning and reflections throughout.


Pharmacists requiring further support

For those of you who require additional support to help you resolve issues affecting your decision making please contact us to access impartial and confidential specialist support from trained careers advisers and coaches at the following link:

[If you are a Pre-Registration/ Foundation Pharmacist from a region outside London and the South East (London, Kent, Surrey and Sussex), you should approach your own medical education centre for information on further careers information, advice and guidance available to you locally]

The LaSE Careers Unit