The PSU Coaching Service

The new Coaching Service is part of the Professional Support Unit (PSU).  This service is particularly designed to help trainees and learners in challenging situations that could prevent them from getting the most from their careers.

You can access the PSU New Coaching Service by completing a short application here

What is Coaching?

Coaching is a way of developing an individual’s skills and abilities and at the same time boosting their performance and self-confidence in the workplace.  Coaching can also help individuals identify strategies to address the challenges which they face in the workplace with the aim of increasing their resilience to face the future demands of their work.

How does Coaching Work?

A central feature of coaching is that the individual is able to charge of their own decisions and development to realise their full potential.  The coach is there to facilitate this process through structured questioning, often challenging the status quo, helping the coachee to find their own solutions.  Successful coaching experiences exist in an open, honest and respectful relationship between coach and coachee.

Which is the most relevant coaching service for you?

In London and the South East you have access to two coaching services.  However there are differences between them which will impact on which is the most relevant to your current needs.  The chart below explains these differences.

PSU Coaching Service

  • Specifically designed to help the individual explore how they can address the challenges and complexities of their lives in relation to their work-based training
  • Targeted at healthcare professionals on a formal, workplace based training programmes such as postgraduate medical or dental trainees; pre-registration Pharmacists; Healthcare Scientists on STP or HSST programmes; Capital Nurse trainees or other healthcare professionals on preceptorship of post graduate training programmes
  • Up to 4 individual sessions with a qualified and experienced coach specialising in coaching healthcare professionals
  • Works in conjunction with the other services within the PSU to ensure a holistic approach to the coachee’s professional support and development


London Leadership Academy Coaching

  • Designed to address a range of issues related to optimising your potential in the workplace. For example: better performance; improved sense of direction and focus; increased knowledge of self and self-awareness; enhanced ability to relate to and influence others; stronger motivation; improved performance effectiveness; increased resourcefulness; more confidence
  • All those working within the NHS in London whatever your occupation or grade
  • Coachees are signposted to coaching if it has been identified as being of benefit -  usually by their line manager or supervisor
  • The coaching service is part of the Leadership Academy which offers leadership and development courses to all NHS employees in London

Learners can access the London Leadership Academy Coaching service by following this link.

To be eligible for the PSU Coaching Service individuals need to be postgraduate medical or dental trainees or healthcare professionals on recognised post initial qualifications and education pathways.  Examples of other healthcare professionals who would be eligible include pre-registration pharmacy trainees, healthcare scientists on either the STP or HSST programmes, nurses on the Capital Nurse programme or structured preceptorship.

If you have any questions about the PSU Coaching Service please contact us at: