Access to Work

What is Access to Work and how to get it

Access to Work

Assistance is provided where the employee requires support or adaptations beyond those “reasonable adjustments” which an employer is legally obliged to provide under the Equality Act 2010.

There are seven main elements within Access to Work:

  1. Special Aids and Equipment (SAE)
  2. Adaptations to Premises and equipment (APE)
  3. Travel to Work (TtW)
  4. Travel in Work (TiW)
  5. Support Worker (SW)
  6. Communication Support at Interview (CSI)
  7. Mental Health Support Service (MHSS)

Contact has to be made by the claimant by telephone to the numbers listed below. When a person calls, they’ll be asked for:

  • National Insurance number
  • workplace address, including your postcode
  • name, email address and work phone number of a workplace contact
  • unique tax reference number if you’re self employed


Access to Work - London
Telephone: 020 8426 3110
Textphone: 020 8426 3133
Fax: 020 8426 3134

Jobcentre Plus
Access to Work Operational Support Unit
Nine Elms Lane
SW95 9BH