Assertiveness in Clinical Practice - Virtual Session

Friday 9th December 2022, 09:30 - 12:00

This is a two and half hour workshop delivered via a virtual platform.

Session outline

1. It will be an interactive session. So some teaching with comments and questions in the chat, some breakout rooms of 2/3 people and some group sharing using voice.

a) Introductions (voice)

b) What is assertiveness - sharing the win-win approach to communication (teaching with chat interactions)

c) Basic technique (a bit of voice sharing with a couple of participants trying out the basics - OR a private breakout room experience with feedback for the group)

d) Self-esteem as a foundation to assertive communication. Getting attendees to share what they are good at! (breakout rooms).

e) Feelings (teaching with chat)

f) Boundaries (teaching with chat)

g) BEAR as a tool for dealing with boundaries crossed (group voice or breakout rooms)

h) Saying no and other techniques - testing the techniques against their scenarios (group voice or breakouts)

i) Lessons from Negotiation theory and avoiding conflict (teaching with chat interactions)

j) What will you do next - action planning (group chat/voice)


  • Healthcare professionals within London and KSS specifically:

  • Healthcare professionals between Bands 5 to 8 in a recognised training scheme such as nurse preceptorship or development for more specialised clinical roles
  • Pre-registration pharmacists (1 year post degree programme based in trusts); pre-registration pharmacy technicians (2 year programme employed by trust); Foundation Pharmacists (2 years post registration); Clinical Pharmacists undertaking the 18 month General practice pharmacist training pathway as part of the NHS England pilot
  • Postgraduate Doctors and Dentists who hold a London / KSS training number (Foundation years until CCT)
  • London doctors who have completed and passed the entry requirements and have been offered a placement on the London Inducting, Returning and Retaining the Workforce schemes
  • please see PSU’s eligibility criteria for further information

Fee: £0

  • This is a free, fully funded session
  • Following session confirmation, if your circumstances change and you can no longer attend please let us know as soon as possible so that places can be offered to those on the waiting list.

There are 20 places available per session which are allocated on a first-come-first-served basis.

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