Completing an introductory short course by another provider

You may wish to attend an introduction to supervision and assessment course provided by another organisation. GPs who choose to undertake this option as part of their approval process, should get the course approved prospectively by the Multiprofessional Faculty Development Team.

This will involve submitting full course details, including method of delivery and course content. It will be expected that any such course should cover the following areas:

  • The role of ideas and evidence in professional learning
  • Teaching methods
  • Feedback
  • Curriculum planning and delivery
  • Clinical supervision – promoting safety, affordances and autonomy; the role of entrustability
  • Assessment – developmental, formative and summative
  • Teaching and assessment using clinical narrative (case based discussions)
  • Teaching and assessment using direct observation (clinical skills)
  • Learners in need of additional support – recognition and reporting

You will need to ensure that you receive a certificate of satisfactory completion at the end of the course in order to APPLY TO BECOME a Clinical Supervisor, OOH Supervisor or FY2 Supervisor role, and/or to enrol in the Educational Supervisor course to become a GP Trainer.

For further details, please contact: / 0207 866 3155