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We offer a choice of educational programmes which focus on the daily challenges you face in communicating with patients, carers and colleagues.  These courses are free, however, you will be asked to pay a deposit when booking your place, which is then refunded following attendance.  Please see our eligibility and funding criteria.

Course information calendar

April 2016 to March 2017




Assertiveness for Clinical Practice

1 Day
(9 – 5)

Express your needs and opinions more confidently to others while reducing the chances of confrontation and conflict

Breaking Bad News 

1 Day
(9 – 5)

Share experiences and practise breaking bad news through  co-created consultations with specialist role players and  individual feedback – (Advanced course – recommended as a follow up to ‘Enhancing your communication skills’)

Challenging consultations: working with patients and carers

2 Day
(9 – 5)
Plus pm half day follow up)

Review, observe and practise personally tailored consultation scenarios and examine your own record keeping with peers in small groups; develop your reflection and feedback skills; revise next personal development steps over the course and beyond.

Communication Skills Learning Needs Review 


Two-hour individual session

An individual, review of communication skills through discussion and role play. with triangulated feedback from a clinician, linguist and specialist role players, followed by a detailed report with recommendations for development


Challenging Conversations: Giving and Receiving Feedback 



1 Day
(9 – 5)

Reflect on those challenging conversations at work and examine how to improve discussion and feedback with practical exercises based on participants’ individual needs.

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CSA Series


The CSA Series of Modules is designed for GP Trainees wishing to prepare for an upcoming CSA examination or who have previously been unsuccessful at their attempt at the CSA examination. It is comprised of four modules: 


  • Module 2 – Intro to the CSA
  • Module 3- Working with Simulators
  • Module 5- Focused Skills Practice for the CSA
  • Module 6 – Mock CSA Exam



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Effective Writing for Clinical Practice

Half day
1:1 tutorial

Improve your ability to appropriately phrase and structure reports, referral letters, reflective writing and other professional documentation. Includes specialist language support for non-native speakers. Participants bring own material  to review and redraft.

English Pronunciation Workshops 


Half day

For frontline clinicians, communicating clearly and confidently is essential. Even if your knowledge of English is excellent, you may sometimes have difficulty making yourself understood, or notice that colleagues often ask you to repeat what you have said.

Our pronunciation workshops offer practical exercises to:

  • target the sounds you find challenging
  • reduce strongly accented English
  • improve overall speech clarity
  • Build confidence and autonomy in pronouncing new or unfamiliar words

The sessions are organised according to native language; please ensure you book the appropriate workshop


Enhancing your Consultation Skills 

2 Day
(9 – 5)


Explore models of consultation, reflect on your challenges and practise tailored scenarios with specialist role players  while developing your peer observation and feedback skills

Induction for Foundation Doctors New to the NHS

2 Day
(9 – 5)

Run once a year in mid-July


An introduction to communication for internationally-trained Foundation doctors


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Influence of Culture on Communication 

1 Day
(9 – 5)

An opportunity to explore how deeply held cultural values impact on professional interactions and may lead to misunderstanding

Presenting to the Team 


1 Day
(9 – 5)

A consultant-led course in communicating effectively and with confidence to the multi-disciplinary team, in ward rounds, handovers, and on-call scenarios

Stress and Examinations

Half day
(9 - 12)

The session is facilitated by an experienced CBT practitioner and provides an introduction to understanding and managing performance anxiety in examinations.

Tailored 1-2-1 Session 


Two-hour individual session 

Concentrated individual review and addressing of personal  learning  needs.  Tailored session with expert facilitator and specialist role player for focused reflection and practice of alternative approaches to patients, colleagues or situations.  Pre-session phone discussion with personal record of learning and feedback provided and follow-up video review.


Telephone Consultation & Triage Skills


1 Day
(9 – 5)

Group work on telephone consultations – Review how to carry out safe and effective triage and address what difficulties with telephone consultations/conversations.

Working with Colleagues: Personal Effectiveness

1 Day
(9 – 5)

Review how you work with your colleagues and manage team communication systems   to ensure patient safety and compassionate care. Bring your personal issues to address with expert facilitation and peer group feedback.  Opportunities to address communication with colleagues, being organised,  time pressure, assertiveness, challenge, anger management.

Learning Needs Review (LNR)

If you need an individual, detailed analysis of your communication skills, which includes a personal written report, you may apply for a Learning Needs Review (LNR).

Unsure of eligibility and funding?

Please see our eligibility and funding criteria

Reporting: In instances where Professional Support Unit provides reports to individual clients we aim to provide reports within 2 weeks of the relevant event. If you have not received a report within this time frame, please contact our Coordinators.