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To make best use of the session, can we please ask you to do a bit of preparation, as follows:

  • Please ensure you use a laptop/monitor/tablet, rather than a smartphone.
  • Use a headset if possible.
  • In order to enhance communication please ensure that your camera is working, and your video is on.
  • Try to be in a private and quiet room with minimal disturbance.
  • Please log in 5 minutes before the session starts.  You can use the time to test your camera, sound/headphones and adjust your settings
  • After logging-in, you may be asked to wait in the ‘waiting room’ so do not hang up, the facilitators will know you are there and will ‘admit’ you when ready. 
  • You are not permitted to record the session.


  • This is a free workshop designed for those who are currently eligible to access the services provided by the London & KSS Professional Development Team
  • In the event of non-attendance you may be subject to the full cost of the workshop - £75
  • If your circumstances change and you can no longer attend, please let us know as soon as possible so that your place can be offered to those on the waiting list
  • If non-attendance is the result of your trust/organisation changing your rota at the last minute, you will need to provide evidence.
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