Learning Together Psychiatry

What is Learning Together?

Learning Together Psychiatry is a training model that provides GP and Psychiatry registrars the opportunity to engage in peer learning: each can learn from the knowledge, skills and attitude of the other, and is available across London in partnership with the Health Education England School of Psychiatry. This initiative encompasses inter-speciality training days and joint clinics delivered by pairs of trainee GPs and Psychiatrists. These clinics will be hosted in general practice and provide an opportunity for these trainee pairs to learn together and from one another in this setting.


What are we offering?

This is a full-day online simulation-based course. It will focus on inter-professional education and issues related to co-consulting (for GP & higher psychiatry trainees) in the primary care setting. Each course will have up to 12 participants with a balance between both disciplines.


Why choose Maudsley Simulation?

Maudsley Simulation have extensive experience in delivering mental health simulation training and have recently begun to deliver digital simulation. We have worked in collaboration with the Learning Together leads for psychiatry and GP to develop this unique simulation course.


Who is this course for?

  • GP trainees (ST2/3)
  • Higher psychiatry trainees (ST4 and above)


What will it cover?

Participants will encounter a series of simulated patients in a primary care setting. Each simulation scenario will be followed by a structured debrief facilitated by our experienced simulation faculty. The debrief serves as a psychologically safe space where all participants explore and reflect on the various clinical themes, dynamics and any other issues that the scenario generates. Throughout the day, a key emphasis will be placed on themes at the interface of primary care and mental healthcare in relation to inter-professional working with a strong focus on non-technical (i.e., human factor) skills.

What are the learning objectives?

  • For GP trainees: To improve knowledge in the diagnosis and management of mental health problems

  • For Psychiatry trainees: To improve knowledge in the management of physical health problems, to understand care of mental health issues in primary care, to appreciate organisation and management of primary care practices

  • To create better understanding of care systems, services, patient journeys and assist in the vertical integration of care

  • To explore the dynamics within a consultation and the factors that might impact on them

  • To enhance non-technical skills e.g., team working and communication with colleagues


Where will it be taking place?



How do I book my place?

Visit Maudsley Learning’s website here and book one of the course dates on offer using the course password: LTSD


For more information on Learning Together:

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