This workbook contains a prescription exercise and practice drug calculations.

Print and complete the workbook and compare your responses to the answers and comments which are included as you progress through the workbook or at the end of the activity. Alternatively, you can complete at your own pace to self-review your skills. Reflective records are included after each section to assist you in assessing your strengths and areas for development.



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Section 1:
Prescribing Exercise

Section 2:
Drug Calculation Questions



Section 1
In the first section, you will find an inpatient prescription (drug chart) containing errors and omissions. Make a note of the errors and omissions.  You can use page 5 to make notes of what you have identified or alternatively annotate them on the prescription if you have printed the workbook. If you are not familiar with any of the medication, look them up in the BNF. Following this, a sample drug chart with the errors and omissions highlighted is provided, with further comments on the learning points.
Take a little time to reflect on the prescription exercise then review your strengths and developmental needs.  Complete the reflective record at the end of the section.

Section 2
The second section contains drug calculation questions for you to work through, with the answers provided.  If you have difficulty calculating the answers, ask your supervisor or ward pharmacist for help.  Complete the reflective record after this activity.


Updated by:

Uzma Shaikh, Pharmacist and Prescribing Skills Facilitator - London
Taruna Patel, Prescribing Advisor and Care Home Pharmacist - London
May 2020

Original Authors:
Sushma Lau
Deputy Chief Pharmacist, NELFT
Jocelyn Hewitt RN Education Lead, PSU
Heather Walker Chief Pharmacist, NELFT