SCAN Careers Planning Model 

4-Stage Careers Planning Process 

Planning your career effectively

Planning your medical career can be a daunting experience. It is therefore important that trainee clinicians follow a structured four-stage approach to ensure their plans are robust and realistic and know how best to implement them. There are  numerous benefits to adopting a structured approach with the key one being approaching career planning in a systematic manner.

Below you will find an outline of this approach with links, which is intended to provide you with a brief representation of each of the stages.

You will also be able to access and save your very own careers planner using the link opposite where you can record and reflect on your results from the career planning exercises and activities you have carried out and plan next steps to achieve your goals.

Stage 1 - Self- Awareness

Stage 2 - Career Exploration

Stage 3 - Career Decision Making

Stage 4 - Implementing Plans


Career Planning Exercises

SCAN Career Planning Model


Self Awareness

Identifying strengths & achievements

Identifying core values and preferences

Clarifying key skills

Personality style


Career Exploration

Networking template


Arriving at a Decision

Pros and and Cons Exercise

Decision Matrix Exercise

SWOT Analysis Exercise

ROADS Exercise


Next Steps

Future Timeline

SMART action Plan


Interview Preparation

7 Things

Interview Answer Mnemonics


Interview Wheel