Coaching Application Form

The Coaching Unit provides information and individual support to clinical trainees and professionals working within the NHS in patient facing or support roles. This support is free and confidential to doctors and dentists training in London and the South East.

One of our advisers will be in touch within 5 working days to discuss how we can support you.

Your application will be treated in the strictest of confidence.

We recognise that most people approaching the Coaching Service are not in need of an urgent response, but occasionally people who contact us are extremely distressed about their career, and the wider issues affecting it such as health and relationships, and need somebody to respond quickly. If this is your situation, then we would like to draw your attention to the following resources that are available: Trainee Doctors & Dentist Support Service (TDDSS) is a psychoeducation and support service and is available for those who need more urgent advice re wider issues around their career.  Please note that this is not an emergency service; trainees requiring emergency support should contact their GP, A&E or Urgent Care Centre.

KSS Foundation Trainees

From 2nd August, KSS Foundation trainees should access support services via the KSS’s own Professional Support & Wellbeing Service. Please head to for more information.

It is easy to apply for 1:1 support: simply complete the coaching application form below: 

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