Please note that most face to face courses are currently suspended. We and our partners are developing remote, virtual models to allow access to workshops flexibly. If you are registered to attend one of our courses, are on a waiting list or on our expression of interest list, we will contact you when further details are available.

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FY2 Speciality Application Webinar


Wondering how to turn your decision about specialty choice into a successful application? 

Career Planning webinars for all LondonKSS foundation trainees are currently booking for September. These 1 hour webinars, delivered by the HEE Careers London team, will include key information, advice and guidance on making successful applications from making your decision, submitting the application and mastering the selection process and interviews.

Date & Time:

Thursday 8th Sept 2022 (18.00-19.00pm)

Wednesday 14th Sept 2022 (18.00-19.00pm)


You can book by using the link below:

NEW 2022 - FY2 Speciality Application Webinars | London (

Careers Unit

F3 Options Webinar


What may be the best way to plan and take advantage of opportunities within your F3 year or beyond?

F3 Options webinars for all London & KSS foundation doctors are currently booking for October. This 1-hour webinar, delivered by the HEE Careers London team, will include key information advice and guidance on what to consider to make the most of your F3 year including travel/volunteering abroad, fellowships, further study/qualifications and non-training options. 

Date & Time:

Thursday 6th October 2022 (18.00-19.00)


You can book by using the link below:

NEW 2022 - F3 Options Oct webinar | London (

Careers Unit

The Consultant Interview: Preparing for success 


This half-day virtually facilitated workshop, delivered by HEE London Careers Team, is targeted to trainee doctors whom are due to CCT within the next 18 months or, are within 3 month of having achieved CCT. ​The workshop takes you through a series of practical steps to ensure you are well-prepared for the consultant selection process. The small group size - plus virtual breakout rooms - allows the opportunity to polish up your interview techniques and give and receive feedback on mock interview responses. The workshop aims to not only help you identify a plan of action to prepare for success, but also to gain the confidence needed for a compelling interview. 

Date & Time:

Wednesday 19th October 2022 (09:30 - 13.00)

Monday 05th December 2022 (13:30 - 17:00)

Please note: Places are allocated on a first come first served basis. Due to the high demand for this course we will only accept one application from individuals for this course


You can book by using the link's below:

The Consultant Interview - Preparing for Success 19/10/22 | London (


The Consultant Interview - Preparing for Success 05/12/22 | London (

Careers Unit

Virtual Session

Open MIC (Mock Interview Clinics) - Virtual session for consultant interview practice


The HEE Careers London & KSS team are running mock interview clinic for London & KSS trainees across all medical specialties who are within 18 months of CCT. Each Open MIC session will enable participants to practise in small groups of peers, and gain feedback on answering different types of questions they can expect at consultant interviews. Further information and to book a place, click 'Book online' tab.

Date & Time:

Tuesday 15th November 2022 (10:00 - 12:30)

Thursday 19th January 2023 (14:00 - 16:30)

Please note: Places are allocated on a first come first served basis. Due to the high demand for this course we will only accept one application from individuals for this course


You can book by using the link's below:

Open MIC 15/11/22 | London (


Open MIC 19/01/23 | London (

Careers Unit 

V-space for SuppoRTT trainees


NEW DATES! V-Space groups for SuppoRTT Trainees 


We are pleased to announce new dates for the V-Space Coaching and Support Programme. V-Space is a virtual group space dedicated to support trainees who are planning to return to training or have recently returned to training after taking time out for a range of reasons, including maternity/parental leave, academic study, career break or medical leave.


“It was a great opportunity to express my current stresses within a group and find doctor-focused responses from the course leaders and members alike.”


The V-Space Coaching and Support Programme is a series of four group coaching and peer support sessions. The small groups meet online for 2.5 hours every fortnight and are led by a senior group coach from the Professional Support Unit’s Coaching Service. V-Space offers a supportive, confidential and structured learning environment for peer discussion. Each session draws on a range of practical coaching tools for self-reflection, goal-setting, enhanced confidence, stress management and leadership communication. 


V-Space features:

  • Semi-structured facilitated group coaching sessions
  • Guest speaker slots ‘in conversation with’ trainees who share their experience of returning to training
  • Peer support in small breakout room discussions plus WhatsApp group for connecting with peers in between sessions
  • Coaching tools & resources to support you as you move back into training.


Spaces are limited to 14 participants per group so please book early to avoid disappointment.


Programme dates

Group 6 - Starts 26th October 2022

Group 7 - Starts 4th January 2023

Group 8 - Starts 18th January 2023

Group 9 - Starts 23rd January 2023

Group 10 - Starts 9th February 2023

Group 11 - Starts 10th February 2022




You can book by using the links below:

Group 6 - Starts 26th October 2022 -

Group 7 - Starts 4th January 2023 -

Group 8 - Starts 18th January 2023 -

Group 9 - Starts 23rd January 2023 -

Group 10 - Starts 9th February 2023 -

Group 11 - Starts 10th February 2022 -

SuppoRTT Team 



Understanding dyslexia: A workshop for dyslexic trainees

This is a half-day workshop for foundation doctors, trainees and other healthcare professionals in training who are dyslexic.  

It will cover some of the basics about what dyslexia is and how it may manifest in adults and what can help dyslexic trainees. We advocate a strengths-based approach to neurodivergence, and the workshop offers a safe, supportive and confidential space for trainees to share experiences and resources, ask questions and offer support to peers. 

Date and time: Upcoming sessions TBC

Via Zoom

For upcoming sessions please express your interest by using the link below: 

Dyslexia Peer Support Group 

This half-day session is suitable for medical and dental trainees who have been diagnosed with dyslexia and who have attended the Introduction to Dyslexia workshop

It will offer the opportunity for trainees to connect with others to share experiences, learning and resources in small groups 

Trainees are welcome to attend as often as they wish

Date and time: Upcoming sessions TBC

For upcoming sessions please express your interest by using the link below:



Managing and Supporting Trainees in

Difficult Situations


This half day session is designed for trainers who are currently working with GP trainees who need support or who anticipate doing so in the near future. Case based discussions will be used to explore general and specific issues of relevance. We will also be discussing the resources available to trainees, including the support required by educators and practices.

The workshop will be facilitated by:

David Mendel – Head of the Professional Development Team

Nikki Payne – Trainee Support Associate Director for South London

Jane Harrop-Griffiths – Trainee Support Associate Director for North London


Available Date:

Thursday 24th November 2022 (9AM - 12PM)

You can book by using the link below

Introduction to Mentoring Skills for Senior Trainees

This is an online experiential introductory course for senior trainees who want to develop their understanding and skills in mentoring colleagues. Please note this is a 2-part session held over 2 days.

Workshop aims:

• To develop an understanding of mentoring conversations

• To consider the key aspects of setting up and maintaining safe and effective mentoring relationships

• To practise using simple and flexible frameworks for undertaking mentoring conversations

• To experience being mentored by a colleague in relation to a current dilemma or difficult issue

Available Dates (Part 1 VIRTUAL):

- Thurs 15th SEPT 9-1:30pm

- Thurs 27th OCT 9-1:30pm 

Available Dates (Part 2 VIRTUAL) -

- Tues 4th OCT 9-1:30pm

- Thurs 10th NOV 9-1:30pm 

You can book by using the link below


NEW - Virtual Peer Support Group for International Medical Graduates in a Training Post 

We will be starting a new facilitated and confidential virtual peer support group for International Medical Graduate trainees working in London and the Southeast.

The next session will be on: 

Thurs 1st September 2022  (1pm -2:30pm)

Thurs 6th Oct 2022  (1pm -2:30pm)

Thurs 3rd Nov 2022  (1pm -2:30pm)

 All will be facilitated by Dr Ali Hassas and Melissa Sayer, Associates Deans at the PSU.

The aim of the group is to provide a confidential, relaxed, safe and supportive space to connect with other International Medical Graduate colleagues, away from your usual work environment.  

There will be a chance to: 

  • share experiences, dilemmas, or ideas  
  • hear from others who may be experiencing similar situations 
  • offer mutual support and advice to colleagues if requested 

Book Here

PSU team 


NEW - Virtual Session

Stress and Examinations

This two-hour virtual session will be facilitated by an experienced CBT practitioner and provides techniques for dealing with anxiety and stress in the lead-up to and during exams.  

Date and time: Wednesday 19th October, 09:30 - 11:30


  Book online


NEW - Virtual Session

Individual session - Specialist communication skills and linguistic support (SCCLS)

An individual two-hour session working with a specialist educator and/or linguist and specialist role player as required to develop your communication skills for clinical practice

Healthcare professionals typically apply for an individual session to:

  • develop skills to navigate difficult conversations
  • explore linguistic or cultural issues which may be impacting on communication
  • respond to the outcome of an ARCP, appraisal, or revalidation
  • improve exam performance
  • address needs identified through feedback from colleagues and educator

New sessions are available to book in September and October


For more information and to book an individual session please click here


NEW - Virtual Session

Developing your English for Clinical Practice

This is a two-day course delivered via a virtual platform, will enable individuals to learn about ways to use the workplace resources to develop their English 'on the job' and have the opportunity to practice situations they find challenging.  The sessions are facilitated by specialist linguists who can give feedback on language, cultural factors, pronunciation, as well as professional communication skills.

Attendance is required on both days.

Day 1 - Thursday 13 October 2022, 09:15 - 16:00

Day 2 - Thursday, 20 October 2022, 09:15 - 16:00


  Book online



NEW - Virtual Session

AKT Exam Preparation Workshop

This is a two-day workshop delivered via a virtual platform. The workshop aims to provide an understanding of the working of the AKT examination and how to prepare for it using the core objectives outlined below: 

  • To share a broad overview of the AKT examination in the wider context of general practice 
  • To help candidates appreciate how questions are typically constructed and presented 
  • To encourage candidates to find successful learning and revision strategies and to enhance their examination technique 
  • To highlight the impact of dyslexia and how the exam can accommodate this and other disabilities 

Attendance is required on both days.

Day 1 - Thursday 6 October (09:15 - 12:30)

Day 2 - Thursday 27 October (09:15 - 12:30)   

  Closed - Fully Booked


NEW - Virtual Session

Assertiveness in Clinical Practice

This virtual (2.5 hour) workshop aims to help you to express your needs and opinions more confidently to others whilst reducing the chances of confrontation and conflict. It will provide you with practical advice on saying what you want and dealing calmly with other people’s reactions in a range of situations.

Date and time: Friday 14th October, 09:30 - 12:30


  Book online


NEW - Virtual Session

Exam Preparation Workshop

This multi-professional workshop aims to support trainees in preparation for their higher exams, including those who have been unsuccessful in previous examination attempts. It will cover areas including revision, planning and preparation strategies, exam techniques and performance anxiety.

Date and time -  Friday 14th October, 09:30 - 12:30 


  Book online


NEW - Face-to-face Workshop

Influence of Culture on Communication

This is a full-day in-person workshop (09:00 - 17:00) which addresses the impact of language & culture on communication.

Venue: Central London


  • To raise awareness of the ways in which communication is influenced by culturally specific values and sociolinguistic behaviours
  • To support participants in identifying and addressing individual challenges
  • To consider how intercultural competence can be applied in the context of clinical practice

Date and time: Thursday 3rd November, 09:00 - 17:00


  Book online


Enhancing your Consultation Skills

Explore models of consultation, reflect on your challenges and practise tailored scenarios with specialist role players while developing your peer observation and feedback skills.

This is a two-day course.

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English Pronunciation for Clinical Practice: accent reduction for non-native speakers

Communicating clearly and confidently is essential. Even if your knowledge of English is excellent, you may sometimes have difficulty making yourself understood, or notice that colleagues often ask you to repeat what you have said.

The course is open to all languages and will be facilitated by a phonetics expert. You will have the opportunity to address any specific challenges that you have experienced in spoken communication.

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