Form B - Supervisor or Training Programme Director support for dyslexia assessment

One of your trainees has approached the London & KSS Professional Support Unit and requested funding for a formal diagnostic assessment by an educational psychologist.

As part of the triage process it would be helpful if you could provide us with the following information in your capacity as Supervisor or Training Programme Director :

In comparison to other doctors at your trainee’s level of training, please could you provide brief comments on any work-related difficulties, where relevant

It is the expectation of the London & KSS Professional Support Unit that comments included on this form will be shared with the trainee as part of the on-going educational supervision.

The information that you have provided on this form is considered in conjunction with the trainee’s application and result from the British Dyslexia Association adult checklist screen in order to reach a decision as to whether a formal diagnostic assessment with an educational psychologist can be funded by the PSU

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