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For more information regarding the North East, North Central and North West Aneasthetic Programmes please access the links below:

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Advanced / Special Interest Area Training
Regional Training Days

Stage 1 North London Anaesthetics Novice Course

There is a comprehensive regional training day programme for all stages of training. Regional training days are all advertised on the HEE events calendar.

Novice Course, North Central School of Anaesthesia - Lead Organisers Dr Bindiya Varma, Dr Janis Ferns

The Anaesthetics Novice course is for North Central  & North East London Anaesthetics Core Anaesthetics and ACCS trainees as well as ACCS EM trainees.  The Novice Course is also open in Limited numbers to South London trainees.

There is a maximum capacity of 30 trainees for this Novice Course.

The dates of the  Anaesthesia Novice Course can be seen below:

  • Thursday 10th February 2022
  • Tuesday 15th February 2022
  • Wednesday 23rd February 2022
  • Tuesday 1st March 2022

Please see below for the registration link for the Anaesthetics Novice Course:


North London Anaesthetics Stage 3 Regional Training Days

The Stage 3 North London RTDs provide broad and high-quality teaching to senior anaesthesia trainees, covering key clinical and non-clinical areas of the curriculum. It runs across all three of the North London Schools (North West, North Central, North East) and typically comprises 9 themed study days on the last Friday of the month. The Lead Organisers, Dr Katherine MacGloin (NE), Dr Alexa Strachan and Dr Sarah Wintle (NC), Dr Ajoy Pandit (NW). 




Lead Organiser 

Website link

28th January 

Intensive Care 

Katherine MacGloin 

Calendar | London (

25th February 

Complex Orthopaedics (TBC) 

Alexa Strachan 

Sarah Wintle 

(North London Anaes, RTD 2022) Stage 3 North London Teaching for Anaesthesia | London (

25th March  


Ajoy Pandit 

(North London Anaes, RTD 2022) Stage 3 North London Teaching for Anaesthesia (via MS Teams) | London (

29th April 

Organ Transplant 


Alexa Strachan 

Sarah Wintle 


27th May  

Regional Anaesthesia (TBC) 

Ajoy Pandit 


24th June 

Interventional Radiology (TBC) 

Katherine MacGloin 


16th September 

Perioperative Care of the Elderly Patient (TBC) 

Katherine MacGloin 


21st October 

The extended role of the consultant (TBC) 

Alexa Strachan 

Sarah Wintle 


25th November 

Airway Anaesthesia (TBC) 

Ajoy Pandit 




Please review the information about the curriculum on the RCOA website. This includes the most up to date information about the transition to the new 2021 Curriculum which started in August 2021. 



Please review the information about the Primary and Final FRCA exams on the RCOA website. This includes the most up to date information about the changes to the running of the exam that were introduced in response to the covid pandemic. (

There are several exam preparation training days organised for North London Trainees that are advertised on the events calendar.

Life Long Learning

All trainees should be using the RCOA Life Long Learning Platform. (