North Central Rotation


Meet The Team

Stage 1 TPD - Dr Abigail Whiteman (Consultant Anaesthetist at University College London Hospital)

Stage 2 TPD - Dr Kate Sherratt (Consultant Anaesthetist at The Royal Free Hospital)

Stage 3 TPD - Dr Trudi Young (Consultant Anaesthetist at The Whittington Hospital)

Regional Advisor - Dr Sonia Brocklesby


Rotations/ Trusts

Trainees who join the North Central rotation will rotate through several Teaching Hospitals and District General Hospitals including University College H, Royal Free, Whittington, Barnet, Great Ormond Street, Royal Marsden, Queen Charlottes, Queen Square, RNTNE, Evelina, Stanmore, Moorfields, and Harefield Hospitals

Trainees will also have access to additional trusts across North London through the joint North London ATM/SIA process.




College Tutor

University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

University College Hospital

Dr. Abigail Whiteman

Dr. Sarah Barnett

Royal National ENT and Eastman Dental Hospitals

Dr. Michael Gilhooly

National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery


Dr. Val Louma

Dr. Robert John

Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust

Royal Free Hospital


Dr. Bindiya Varma

Dr. Ciara Donohue

Barnet & Chase Farm Hospitals


Dr. Chi Ng

Dr. Sunita Setty

Whittington Health NHS Trust

The Whittington Hospital

Dr. Katie Batte

The Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital NHS Trust

Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital

Dr Kate Adams

Guy's and St Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust

Harefield Hospital


Dr Ben Silverman

The Royal Brompton Hospital

Dr Nicki Zimbler


Evelina London Children’s Hospital


The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust

The Royal Marsden Hospital

Dr Robert Self handing over to Dr Olivia Mingo

Barts Health

The Royal London Hospital


St Bartholomew’s Hospital


Dr. Anne Campbell

Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children NHS Foundation Trust

Great Ormond Street Hospital 

Dr Nadine Dobby

Dr Elena Fernandez

Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS Foundation Trust 

Moorfields Eye Hospital 

Dr Helen Ahmed

Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust

Queen Charlotte's and Chelsea Hospital

Dr Jeremy Campbell 

Trainee Reps

Stage 1 ACCS -  Philip Gardiner

Stage 1 Core - Gabrielle Mond

Stage 2

Stage 3 - Alexander Bell

LTFT - Shivani Amdekar

LTFT - Arunita Jha

Contact - Training Programme Director (Stage 1)
Dr Abigail Whiteman
Training Programme Director (Stage 1)
Contact - Training Programme Director (Stage 2)
Dr Kate Sherratt
Training Programme Director (Stage 2)
Contact - Training Programme Director (Stage 3)
Dr Trudi Young
Training Programme Director (Stage 3)
Contact - Trainee Rep (Stage 1 ACCS)
Philip Gardiner
Training Rep (Stage 1 ACCS)
Contact - Trainee Rep (Stage 1Core)
Gabrielle Mond
Trainee Rep (Stage 1 Core)
Contact - Trainee Rep (Stage 3)
Alexander Bell
Trainee Rep (Stage 3)
Contact - Trainee Rep (LTFT)
Shivani Amdekar
Trainee Rep (LTFT)
Contact - Trainee Rep (LTFT)
Arunita Jha
Trainee Rep (LTFT)