South West Programme

Meet the Team

Stage 1 TPD – Dr Adam Shonfield (Consultant Anaesthetist and Intensivist at St George's University Hospital)

Stage 2 TPD – Dr Daniela Mathew (Consultant Anaesthetist and Intensivist at St George’s University Hospital)

Stage 3 TPD – Dr Anna Walton (Consultant Anaesthetist at St George’s University Hospital)

Regional Training Day (RTD) Lead - Dr Gunjeet Dua

Regional Advisor – Dr Rene Suite (Consultant Anaesthetist at St George’s University Hospital)

Rotations/ Trusts

The South West rotation comprises of 1 teaching Hospital, St George’s University Hospital and 5 District General Hospitals, Croydon University Hospital, Epsom and St Helier’s, Frimley Park Hospital, Kingston District General Hospital and Ashford and St Peter’s Hospital.

Training Posts at Frimely Park and Ashford St Peter’s will move back to KSS School of Anaesthesia once the repatriation process begins in August 2022. This will be phased over a couple of years.

Trainees also have access to additional trusts through the joint South London and KSS ATM/SIA process.




College Tutor

St George’s University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

St George's Hospital

Stage 2 - Dr Audrey Tan

Stage 3 - Dr Adam Shonfeld

Croydon Health Services NHS Trust

Croydon University Hospital

Dr Zach Jose

Dr Ian Lambert

Epsom & St Helier University Hospitals NHS Trust

Epsom Hospital

Dr Amrut Muddanna

St Helier Hospital

Kingston Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Kingston Hospital

Dr Sombith Maitra

Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust 

Frimley Park Hospital

Dr Ahmed Barakat

Ashford and St Peter's Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Ashford and St Peter's Hospitals

Dr Peter Gregory
Trainee Reps

Higher (Stage 3)

Jibran Qureshi 

Intermediate (Stage 2)

Mitul Patel 

Core (stage 1)

Rana Mallah 

ACCS (stage 1)

Matt Folks

Hannah Marcarian 


Sarah Crabtree

Contact - Training Programme Director (Stage 1)
Dr Adam Shonfield
Lead Training Programme Director (Stage 1)
Contact - Training Programme Director (Stage 2)
Dr Daniela Mathew
Training Programme Director (Stage 2)
Contact - Training Programme Director (Stage 3)
Dr Anna Walton
Training Programme Director (Stage 3)