International Medical Graduates (IMGs) form a significant proportion of the medical workforce within the NHS. When they first arrive in the UK, this group of doctors may face many challenges both professionally and personally, many of which are linked to communication

This resource has been created primarily to support IMGs as they adjust to UK norms of interaction which will enable them to build productive professional relationships. However, we hope that these modules will also be useful to supervisors of IMGs who are seeking a closer understanding of their international colleagues’ potential learning needs, and the sources of specialist support available to address them. Each section contains questions for reflection, which could also be used in supervision sessions.


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  1. Starting as a Doctor in the UK
  2. English Language Skills
  3. Professional Communication Skills
  4. Learning and Teaching


The learning activities can be completed in any order, and supplement other modules on the website.

We would like to thank the original developers of this package, Dr Mohan Bhat, and Jocelyn Hewitt.

Author: Lynne Rustecki

Date published: February 2021