Multisource Feedback Tool - The Evidence

Supervisors play a key role in the development of healthcare learners both in the oversight of their day-to-day clinical practice but also in the support and orchestration of their learning experiences, aims and objectives.

In 2010 in order to enable medical supervisors to receive specific feedback from trainees regarding their performance in this role, the London Deanery (now Health Education England) developed and evaluated a web-based multi-source feedback tool for educational supervisors, the first of its kind. The design of the multi-source feedback tool was informed by research commissioned from the Peninsula College of Medicine and Dentistry, which included a narrative review of the literature in supervision and focus groups with the key stakeholders; educational supervisors and trainees. Two papers detailing the development and evaluation of the initial tool can be accessed in the Documents section below.

In 2018 it was decided to open the tool to all supervisors across the healthcare professions and further developments were made to the registration process. The tool was piloted with non-medical supervisors from Guy’s and St Thomas’ and re-launched in 2019.