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  1. About professional boundaries
  2. Boundaries with Patients
  3. Boundaries with other healthcare practitioners
  4. Social media boundaries
  5. The skills for establishing and maintaining healthy professional boundaries
  6. Sources of information, support and guidance
  7. References


Aim and learning outcomes

The aim of this module is:

To provide a overview of professional boundaries in contemporary healthcare practice

In terms of learning outcomes, it offers you the opportunity to:

  • develop a comprehensive understanding of the purpose of professional boundaries in healthcare practice
  • appreciate the different professional boundaries experienced by doctors
  • identify the tools -  thewords, behaviour  and actions - that can help you manage appropriate professional boundaries
  • consider a range of scenarios in which professional boundaries may be unclear
  • identify, locate, and appreciate sources of guidance and supportwith regard to establishing and maintaining healthy boundaries
  • recognise the professional imperative to remain updated with regard to professional guidelines and policies


Author: Sue Fergy

Date published: February 2021