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Enhancing Performance


Staying Well


  • Is now a good time for sharpening both your professional effectiveness and leadership skills as you step into a more senior role? 

  • Are you feeling anxious, uncertain or burnout and want to develop better strategies for managing those feelings? 

  • Do you struggle with memory, concentration, time management or prioritising? 

  • Are you interested in learning how to break through blocks to success by managing your mindset more effectively and lessening the power of limiting beliefs? 

  • Are you ready to develop your understanding of coaching approaches and learn how to apply coaching skills in the workplace? 

The PSU is offering a new selection of 13 online workshops learning aimed at helping trainees enhance performance and stay well during difficult periods.  

You will find details of all  these workshops by clicking on the link opposite. 

(Spaces are limited so please book early to avoid disappointment.)


Further information on each workshop and how to book can be found here: 

Enhancing Performance & Wellbeing | London (  


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Support with Career Planning

Transitions in Training


  • Are you considering reviewing your career planning and/or explore what a portfolio career could encompass? 

  • Do you want to benefit from a more profound and consistent sense of balance as you progress in your training, particularly at those pivotal points when you need it most? 

You will find details of all the online workshops related to career planning and transitions by clicking on the link opposite. 

(Spaces are limited so please book early to avoid disappointment.)


Further information on each workshop and how to book can be found here: 

Support with career planning and transitions in training | London (

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Support with Neurodivergence

A series of online sessions for trainees who are (or suspect they may be) Dyslexic, Autistic or have ADHD and want to understand more about neurodiversity in adults or access group support.

Click on the link opposite for further information, dates and registration information.

(Spaces are limited so please book early to avoid disappointment.)


Further information on each workshop and how to book can be found here: 

Support with Neurodivergence | London ( 

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International Graduates in Training

Peer Support Group

The PSU currently offer two regular confidential online peer support groups for International Medical and Dental Graduate trainees working across London, Kent, Surrey and Sussex. 

These informal sessions offer you a chance to connect with other International Graduates in Training, share experiences or dilemmas, ask questions and offer support to peers. The sessions are facilitated.

You are welcome to attend any of these sessions as regularly as you wish and can.

1) Weekly Wednesday evening Peer Group (every Wednesday 6:00-7:30pm) - via Zoom.

2) Monthly Thursday lunchtime Peer Group (first Thursday of the month 1 - 2:30 pm) via zoom. 


Wednesday group: to register and receive the zoom links for the Wednesday group click on this link


Thursday group: to be added to the mailing list and receive the zoom link for each session please email:

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Facilitation Skills Training Course for trainees


A rare opportunity to learn how to set up and run a Group of your choice.

This is a 5 day, fully funded, face-to-face course suitable for anyone interested in running a peer group or wishing to improve their facilitation skills.  You will learn about the roles and responsibilities of a group facilitator, the basics of group dynamics and develop your skills in leading and managing group conversations. There will also opportunities to practice and receive feedback in safe confidential environment. You will receive a certificate after completing the 5 day course and be supported in setting up and running your own group after the course ends. 

All days are face to face at a venue near London Bridge & Borough Stations in London. 

Day 1:  12th May 2023

Day 2:  23rd May 2023

Day 3:  6th June 2023

Day 4:  20th June 2023

Day 5:  27th June 2023

Please apply for your place via the following link:

Apply for a place on the Facilitation Skills Course


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SuppoRTT trainees

V-Space is a virtual group space dedicated to support trainees who are planning to return to training or have recently returned to training after taking time out for a range of reasons, including maternity/parental leave, academic study, career break or medical leave.

“It was a great opportunity to express my current stresses within a group and find doctor-focused responses from the course leaders and members alike.”

The V-Space Coaching and Support Programme is a series of four group coaching and peer support sessions. The small groups meet online for 2.5 hours every fortnight and are led by a senior group coach from the Professional Support Unit’s Coaching Service. V-Space offers a supportive, confidential and structured learning environment for peer discussion. Each session draws on a range of practical coaching tools for self-reflection, goal-setting, enhanced confidence, stress management and leadership communication. 

V-Space features:

  • Semi-structured facilitated group coaching sessions
  • Guest speaker slots ‘in conversation with’ trainees who share their experience of returning to training
  • Peer support in small breakout room discussions plus WhatsApp group for connecting with peers in between sessions
  • Coaching tools & resources to support you as you move back into training.

Spaces are limited to 14 participants per group so please book early to avoid disappointment.

Upcoming programme dates:   Group 11 - Starts 10th February 2023




You can book by using the links below:

Group 11 - Starts 10th February 2023 -

For queries please email: 

Specialist communication skills

& linguistic support (SCCLS)

[Individual Session]

An individual online two-hour session working with a specialist educator and/or linguist and specialist role player as required to develop your communication skills for clinical practice

Healthcare professionals typically apply for an individual session to:

  • develop skills to navigate difficult conversations
  • explore linguistic or cultural issues which may be impacting on communication
  • respond to the outcome of an ARCP, appraisal, or revalidation
  • improve exam performance
  • address needs identified through feedback from colleagues and educator

New sessions are available to book in April, May and June 2023.


For more information and to book an individual session please click here

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AKT Exam Preparation Workshop

This is a two-day workshop delivered via a virtual platform. The workshop aims to provide an understanding of the working of the AKT examination and how to prepare for it using the core objectives outlined below: 

  • To share a broad overview of the AKT examination in the wider context of general practice 
  • To help candidates appreciate how questions are typically constructed and presented 
  • To encourage candidates to find successful learning and revision strategies and to enhance their examination technique 
  • To highlight the impact of dyslexia and how the exam can accommodate this and other disabilities 

Attendance is required on both days.

Date and time: More dates will be released soon- please email the Comms skills team for further information:

  To book a place on this workshop

please click here

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Assertiveness in Clinical Practice

This virtual (2.5 hour) workshop aims to help you to express your needs and opinions more confidently to others whilst reducing the chances of confrontation and conflict. It will provide you with practical advice on saying what you want and dealing calmly with other people’s reactions in a range of situations.

Date and time: More dates will be released soon- please email the Comms skills team for further information:

Friday 14th April 9:30 – 12:30- Please book here

Thursday 6th July 9:30 – 12:30- Please book here


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Influence of Culture on Communication

This is a full-day in-person workshop (09:00 - 17:00) which addresses the impact of language & culture on communication.

Venue: Central London


  • To raise awareness of the ways in which communication is influenced by culturally specific values and sociolinguistic behaviours
  • To support participants in identifying and addressing individual challenges
  • To consider how intercultural competence can be applied in the context of clinical practice

Date and time: More dates will be released soon- please email the Comms skills team for further information:

  New dates TBC

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Exam Preparation Workshop

This is a Multi-specialty course for doctors approaching professional examinations, co-led by education experts and doctors.

  • Are you interested in improving your revision skills and exam technique?
  • Do you need tips on understanding exam questions, or need a refresher on managing exam nerves?

This workshop will offer you the opportunity to revisit how to revise and learn effectively, help you analyse and understand the construction of exam questions, as well as to try out different revision strategies. In a supportive environment and in discussion with peers, this workshop will also help you consider techniques for managing anxieties around exams.

Date and time: 13th July 2023 at 9:30 - 13:30

Venue: TBC 

To book a place on this workshop please book here 


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