These virtual workshops are available to all NHS healthcare professionals in London who are involved in supervision.  



Using a coaching approach as supervisors: An introduction

This one-day introductory workshop is targeted to educational and clinical supervisors who would like to learn more about adopting a coaching approach in supervision. Delegates will be introduced to coaching models and tools, with opportunities for experiential learning in small groups.  By the end of the workshop, you will be equipped with an understanding of the coaching approach and its value in supervision contexts.

This course would suit someone who has no experience of a coaching approach, or who has learned a little about it and wants to refresh or deepen their understanding.

The facilitators will be two highly experienced professional coaches from a clinical background, educators and group facilitators working in the NHS.

Learning Objectives

To develop an understanding of the coaching approach

To become acquainted with a simple coaching framework

To explore the use of a coaching approach in supervision

To experience a coaching approach


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Narrative supervision skills for supervisors 

This one-day course will explore a narrative approach to educational supervision.  It will be an interactive workshop which is suitable for clinical and educational supervisors and will be multiprofessional. During the course day we will be exploring some of the background to a narrative approach and will offer opportunities for skills practice. Learning activities are likely to include small group work with peer observation and feedback.

Learning objectives

To develop an understanding of the background to narrative approaches to supervision

To practice a narrative approach to supervision conversations


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Exploring the power of Clean language approach in Supervision: An innovate approach for supervisors

This is a practical and experiential workshop designed to give supervisors the opportunity to learn about the impact of a simple but highly effective coaching and development tool – Clean Language.  The workshop will include an overview of the origins and underpinnings of the approach and the experience of using the Clean Language question-set in practice.  We will explore how this approach might be used in supervision to support trainees with general problem-solving, form part of workplace based assessment and otherwise contribute to personal and professional development.

Learning objectives

To gain an understanding of the origins and the ethos of the Clean approach in coaching and its potential application in supervision.

To gain experience of using Clean Language questions in practice and to have the experience of being coaching using Clean Language.

To explore how Clean Language can be used in enhancing learning, deepening reflective practice and increasing self-reliance and self-awareness in training.

To gain a practical question set to apply and offer to others for problem-solving, action planning and navigating transitions.

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