Mid–Life Career Planning & Preparation for Consultancy

These career-planning resources include tools, exercises, booklets and films targeted to:

  • Healthcare professionals working or in training for a number of years who now wish to take stock of their career. Download the tools to review - and then plan - where your career might take you next


  • Registrars who wish to gain information and general guidance on applying for consultancy posts. Access these resources to support you in deciding on which posts to apply for, and then preparing yourself for a successful interview.

Further general reading, advice and exercises on career planning can be found here

The Consultant Interview:  preparing for success covers 5 aspects of the interview process - in less than 20 minutes. Packed with practical information and guidance to enhance your chances of being the successful candidate. Find out what consultants have to say about pre-interview trust visits,  managing your mindset and delivering a compelling presentation.

Interview Preparation Exercises

7 Things

Interview Answer Mnemonics


Interview Wheel