Welcome to the Public Health ARCP Resource Library.

This page provides Public Health trainees with the necessary forms, documents and information required to prepare for ARCPs. 


When are the ARCPs taking place?

The ARCP dates for 2024 are between 9th May and 21st May. You won't have been sent a specific date for your ARCP but it will take place during this period. 

When does evidence need to be uploaded by?

All evidence must be uploaded by 25th April 2024 which is 2 weeks prior to the first ARCP date (9th May). All evidence must be complete by this date, so must have been agreed with your ES and signed off where indicated.

Do I need to attend my ARCP in person?

No, the ARCP panel takes place in absentia, so you do not need to attend

What evidence do I need for the ARCP?

Please refer to the evidence checklist in the documents below. This lists all the evidence you need to upload. The forms that you need to use will be linked in this evidence checklist.

Which forms should I use?

You must use the forms linked to the evidence checklist in the documents below.  Do not use any other forms found on the FPH website or the ePortfolio as these forms may be out of date. 

Where should I upload forms that don't have a specified place on the ePortfolio?

Forms that do not have a specified place on the ePortfolio can be uploaded in the CV section under personal documents (this is reached by viewing your pending ARCP). For example, this could include evidence such as case based discussions.

What kind of signature is accepted on the forms?

The signatures on forms must not be typed. Forms should be signed using a hand-written signature - either by pasting a digital scan of your signature into the form, or by printing, signing and scanning the entire form. A typed name will result in an Outcome 5. 

Do CBD/DOPHS forms need to be signed by my ES?

We have updated the case based discussion (CBA) report with an opportunity for signatures, however, there is not an opportunity for a signature on the DOPHS. If you have already completed and uploaded the CBA form without opportunity for a signature, you will not penalised this year.  

What is an outcome 5?

An outcome 5 means that not all of the evidence in the checklist has been supplied correctly. For example, signatures may be missing from forms where they are required. If an outcome 5 is given, you will have 2 weeks to upload the corrected paperwork to your portfolio.

I'm currently out of programme, do I need an ARCP?

Please refer to the evidence checklist which details what you need to upload according to the OOP type you are on.

Who can I reach out to for help?

You can reach out to your ES or TPD if have concerns about your upcoming ARCP. If you have any general feedback that you wish to share about the ARCP process, you can share this via the reps.

For ePortfolio queries, please contact the Faculty of Public Health who manage the system. 

For training programme related queries, please contact the HET team via the PGMDE Support Portal

How does the learning outcome sign off work?

Learning outcomes should be agreed as partial or full with your ES, the activity summary sheet should detail this. The activity summary sheet should be linked to the relevant learning outcomes and should be signed off by your ES on the portfolio. 

Once the activity summary sheets have been accepted by your ES, you then need to press 'submit LOSOS' to submit your learning outcomes to your ES, who should then sign these off. The learning outcomes should then appear in ‘view achieved' as either partial or full.

When do I need an ES report?

An ES report should be done for every placement that you have, and should be uploaded for your ARCP.

For ACFs- If an SpR is on an academic placement (not the MSc) then an academic report is all that is required.  In all other cases an academic and an ES report is required

How should I label my evidence uploads?

It is advisable to use some form of numbering or lettering system to accompany the titles of your evidence uploads, this doesn’t need to follow a specific format but it should make it easier for you to locate evidence on the ePortfolio.