This module has been designed for the individual trainee doctor who is interested in learning more about SCIs or is involved in one. It is both interactive and directive; it will ask you to reflect on your own experiences and will suggest actions and resources to consolidate your understanding of the topic.



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  1. Module Aims
  2. What are Single Clinical Incidences?
  3. Openness and Honesty When Things go Wrong: the Professional Duty of Candour
  4. When do SCIs Happen?
  5. How can I Avoid SCIs?
  6. Joining an Indemnity Organisation
  7. Actions After a Clinical Incident
  8. Investigation of Clinical Incidents
  9. Impact of a Clinical Incident on the Clinician
  10. Reflection: Case Studies
  11. Useful Resources


Author: Sue Fergy

The Professional Support Unit would like to thank Hina Patel for her contribution to this module.

Date published: February 2021