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Differential Attainment Trainee Stories

Click the different links below to access videos and podcasts on trainee experiences with differential attainment. 


Identity and Inclusion

Having watched the video, take some time to consider:

How do you think the experience might be for clinicians joining your team?

How do you know whether a new member of the team feels included?

What would you advise a doctor joining your department from abroad about how to fit in (how much would they have to change about themselves)?

What could you do to promote belonging?

Culture Clash

Dr Amit Gupta completed his postgraduate training in India before moving to the UK in 1999. Dr Gupta was appointed as Consultant in Neonatal Medicine in Oxford in 2009, is the lead for International Medical Graduates at HETV Oxford, and was Associate  Dean for IMG doctors (2013-19). He is interested in the impact of the complex interplay of culture, environment, work practices and bias on performance of BAME doctors. Dr Gupta is trying to raise awareness, unpick and attempt to bridge the gap in differential attainment via courses and lectures. 

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Dr Amit Gupta DCH, MD, FRCPCH, PG Cert Clinical Education, FSCLP (Sri Lanka)

Lead for Neonatal Critical Care Services, John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford

Lead for International Medical Doctors, Oxford

Senior Lecturer, University Of Oxford 


BMJ South Asia Award for Innovation 2017

Patron, Neonatal Transport Forum of Sri Lanka

Honorary Fellowship – Sri Lanka College of Paediatricians – 2016 (awarded by the President of Sri Lanka)

Life Time Achievement Award – Neonatal Forum Of India 2015 (awarded by CM of Orissa) 

British Medical Journal – South Asia – Award for Innovation (Jointly with Sri Lanka) - 2017

Part 1 - Culture clash - an international medical graduate describes his first experiences of working in the UK

Part 2 - Microbumps - How racism works and affects behaviour - a doctor's perspective

Having listened to the podcast, take some time to consider:

1. What extra support do international medical graduates receive when they join your Trust?

2. Amit Gupta suggested that the ‘coldness’ he experienced caused him to withdraw further into himself. Is this something you have observed in your work and if so, what was the effect on learning and performance?

3. How supported do BAME clinicians feel when they are the subject of racism from patients in your Trust?

Feeling Lost - You are not alone

Feeling Lost - You are not alone (London School of Paediatrics: May 2021)